Drift premiere gets crowd cheering

MORE than 1300 people enjoyed a first look at the highly-anticipated surfing film Drift last night at its Australian premiere.

Producers and cast joined VIP guests and local community members as they returned to the region the film was shot in, celebrating at Caves House, Yallingup.

Walking the red carpet were actors including Myles Pollard (also producer), Xavier Samuel (Twilight Eclipse) and Aaron Glenane, producers Tim Duffy, Michele Bennett and Joan Peters, and directors Morgan O’Neill and Ben Nott.

Star cast member and screen favourite, Sam Worthington (Avatar and Clash of the Titans) was missing from the event.

The screening took place outdoors with guests seated on a large stretch of grass in front of a prominent cinema screen.

The film itself appeared to be a success, with certain lines initiating chuckles, and shots of beautifully-blue rolling surf getting several cries of “yeow!” from the crowd, which also triggered a few laughs in reply.

Beginning in black and white, the film got its first big audience appraisal when the topical Kelly family took a road trip to encounter an old sign stating the distance until Seacliffe, Margaret River, Augusta and Albany.

The second big cheer came when a young Jimmy Kelly took on his first monstrous barrel, at first stealing all noise from the audience before he burst out the other side along with the film’s first rush of colour to end the black and white era.

A soundtrack featuring old favourites and scripted colourful sayings like “Let’s get pissed!” and “Oh gee whiz” were reminiscent the film’s 1972 setting, but Drift was also delightfully inviting to a younger audience with a couple of modern tracks from The Black Keys and The Jezebels thrown in.

As the end credits rolled, people clapped and cheered. 

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