Careless litter disgusts locals

MARGARET River residents have banded together in disgust at the rubbish littered around public roadside bins near the town’s northern entrance.

“It is absolutely disgusting and infuriated me that anyone could even possibly think this is ok and acceptable,” local Jessica Brumpton said on Facebook’s Margaret River Buy and Sell page on Tuesday, posting a photo of the overflowing bins.

“There’s even a sign saying LITTERING IS ILLEGAL!”

People commented on her post and agreed, before discussing what could be done. While some were quick to point fingers at authorities not clearing away the messfast enough, others reminded them to look at the people dumping the rubbish.

“There are a lot of comments blaming the shire for this disrupting mess however there is no one to blame except selfish disrespectful lazy cheapskate f$&ckers dumping their rubbish. There is no excuse. None what so ever,” Steve Dyer commented.

A matter that has been brought up in the past, the bins are the responsibility of Main Road WA, not the Augusta Margaret River Shire.

Despite this, Shire executive officer Gary Evershed responded to the comments with a media release on Thursday.

“It was very disappointing to see the unsightly scene at the entrance to town,” Mr Evershed said.

“To deal with the matter, the Shire has lodged a number of service requests with Main Roads over the past few days to get the site cleaned up as a matter of priority.

“The Shire is also working with Main Roads to address the management of the site in the future.”

He said local ratepayers benefit from Main Roads funding the overflow service, as they avoid fees for any tourists disposing of waste.

“Unfortunately it appears some people are taking advantage of the service to dispose of items that should otherwise be taken to Davis Rd Waste Management Facility,” Mr Evershed said.

“It should be noted that these Main Road bins are completely independent of any Council waste management service and completely independent of the main street cleaning contract held by Glen Morgan (who is only responsibility for the streetscape between Tunbridge St and Wallcliffe Rd) who provides an outstanding service in the town centre.

“The Shire is currently reviewing all of its waste services to the community and will be looking at all options for waste management in the shire.”

Augusta Margaret River Shire is currently drafting a waste management survey to gain a better understanding of the service priorities of ratepayers. This is expected to be sent out by the end of February.

Anyone who witnesses illegal dumping should contact the Shire rangers on 0419 902 540 with the number plate, a description of offending vehicle and if possible, photographs or video of the offence taking place. Fines for illegal dumping start at $200.  

During the peak Christmas and New Year period, Main Roads WA places skip bins in addition to the usual bins at the site, to collect additional waste generated by visitors.

The photo posted to Facebook by local Jessica Brumpton.

The photo posted to Facebook by local Jessica Brumpton.

Jessica Brumpton's post had reached 150 comments on Thursday afternoon.

Jessica Brumpton's post had reached 150 comments on Thursday afternoon.