Bunbury shark attack survivor Sean Pollard tells his story on 60 Minutes

THE Bunbury community has been left with a great sense of pride to call Sean “Polly” Pollard one of their own after he told his story to the nation on 60 Minutes last night.

The 23-year-old came close to death when two sharks attacked him while he was surfing off the coast of Esperance in October last year.

Mr Pollard lost his left arm and right hand in the attack at Wylie Bay on October 2.

"When you come so close to dying it makes it clear how important your family and friend are."

Shark attack survivor Sean Pollard.

In the interview which aired on Channel 9 last night, he said he had come “eye to eye” with the shark as it savaged him.

"I just felt this massive big bump... it swung right around and once it got directly behind me it charged,” Mr Pollard said.

"That's when it really went in for the kill.

"It took me right across, and its eye was right there in front of me."

WATCH: Channel 9 News Perth's preview of the Sean Pollard interview on 60 Minutes. 

Mr Pollard said he had the terrifying realisation he was being attacked by two sharks when another one bumped him from behind.

 "My arm was its mouth...I popped up and that's when I got bumped from behind," he said.

Mr Pollard said miraculously a wave popped up at the right moment and he was able to body surf it away from the sharks towards shore.

"I was kicking my legs as fast as I could, mate," he said.

In another case of extremely fortunate timing, two carloads of people arrived at the isolated beach not long after the attack.

Four people who had first aid training rushed to his side in the shallows to tourniquet all four of his limbs and slow down the blood loss before he was taken to hospital and then flown to Perth.

"When you come so close to dying it makes it clear how important your family and friend are," he said.

Mr Pollard spent seven weeks in hospital recovering from the horrific injuries.

He has since returned to his home city of Bunbury and has returned to “normal” life with a quiet determination, equipped with a prosthetic hand that allows him to flip steaks on the barbecue, mow the lawn and hold a beer.

Mr Pollard credited his family and friends, particularly his girlfriend Claire Oakford, for giving him the will to survive and continue on with a positive attitude.

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