Karridale dog owner fined over pregnant sheep attack

A Karridale dog owner pled guilty to two dog attack charges and was fined $2000 during a trial at the Margaret River Magistrate’s Court this week.

In February, the owner’s two Rhodesian Ridgebacks mauled six pregnant Neribri Stud Wiltipoll ewes after slipping their collars and escaping.

The dogs were secured to the property with a wire zip line of about 10 meters in length, attached to metal leashes.

Just one sheep survived the mauling, while five others either died from injuries or had to be euthanised.

The surviving ewe received veterinary treatment. 

The property owner, fearing for his own safety and that of his ewes, was forced to shoot and kill the two offending dogs to end the attack.

Shire of Augusta Margaret River Ranger Alison Scott said the case was very sad with both parties deeply affected by their respective losses.

“This incident has been horrific and tragic with the loss of five special breed sheep for one property owner, and both the attacking dogs from another property owner,” she said.

Ms Scott said dog owners on rural properties are urged to secure their fences and gates or use wireless pet containment systems to prevent dogs escaping.

“Please be aware of the potential impact your dog has on other people, their safety and their livelihoods and take responsible measures to contain your animals to your property.”

The incident has cost in excess of $7000 to the dog owner in fines, legal costs, veterinary fees and compensation.

For more information on responsible dog ownership visit www.amrshire.wa.gov.au/services/animal-ownership/dog-ownership