Margaret River Organic Garden fans hold hope for future

The Margaret River Organic Garden has been offered some respite in the face of the expansion of the High School campus.

According to local artist and garden volunteer, Elizabeth Whiteman, the group remains hopeful for the future. “Community support is very important in this,” she said.

“A lot of people have contributed their memories and stories of the garden on our Facebook page, along with some historical photos and stories. We’d love some more, please!”

The Organic Garden Committee and volunteers will continue to compile a history of the garden using photographs, stories and memories submitted by members of the public.

“This is what we do best, sharing our stories and gathering memories to continue on these traditions and keep the history of Margaret River alive,” Ms Whiteman said.

“This garden has been immensely important for so many families in town and even people from outside the region who regard it as a real sanctuary in the middle of the busy town.

“It would be lovely to have as many submissions as possible of all types of memories, stories, testimonials and photographs from the thousands of people who have held events, gatherings, classes and meetings at the garden as well as those who have had a hand in tending to it, and developing it over the years.”

There is potential for the contributions to be collated into a publication at a later date, and the group’s Facebook page will serve as a collection of memories and images.

“People can submit their stories and pictures directly to the Facebook page, or they can email me directly if they prefer.

“We want to make this as easy as possible for as many people to contribute to the collection; over so many years of working on this place I expect there must be hundreds and hundreds of people who could tell us what the garden means to them, and why they enjoy it so much.”

To submit your photos, stories and memories of the Margaret River Organic Garden, visit

Submissions can also be made by email to

Information on the garden including plans, history, how to volunteer, or to find out how you can use the Organic Garden visit

Local poet Erica Lumsden penned the following poem about the garden, which we have published here in full: 

BEYOND a bright washed picket fence, beyond its boundary; There in lies a tranquil place, entrenched in history

Of townsfolk fore and aft, who have nurtured Mother Earth; To create a common garden, to which they gave it birth

A sacred space to congregate, to meet a friend or three; Perhaps discuss a problem shared, perhaps to hug a tree

A playground for our children, as hide and seek draws smile; From seniors contemplating life, of days of yore they while

Winding paths of wilted leaves, lay spent on seasoned  floor; Come follow me, I'll guide you to, each branch behind its door

Song birds sail their rainbow tunes, o'er tree tops way up high; While nests of down protect their chicks, a vision to ones eye

Music lessons strike a cord, true colours, beg rehearse; Young and old the call to learn, each lesson is diverse

Mentors guide, they lend an ear, beneath a sky of blue; Day trippers love our sanctuary, and we know you will too

Beneath a canopy of green, a humble hut stands strong; Where senses welcome comfy fare, a cuppa brings belong

Stillness, laughter, chatter, all, is on our menu here; Let's celebrate our garden's right, to this we will adhere

To those who know not what they do, to seep from history; This landmark severed from our hearts, we will not let it be

So join the spirit of our town, let no man take from under; To those who look, but do not see, come share