East Java schools visit continues cultural connection | Photos

The ongoing relationships between Margaret River Senior High School (MRSHS) teachers and students and their Indonesian counterparts received another boost last week with the arrival of a group from Yayasan Pendidikan Etika Dharma School in East Java.

The group of three teachers and three students arrived last Tuesday to take a tour of the region and the high school campus, where they discovered more about the Western Australian high school experience. 

MRSHS International Relations Coordinator Angela McCoy arranged for the students to attend lessons paired with Margaret River students as school hosts.

“Under the current Indonesian schooling system, primary school covers Year 1 to 6, with junior high school being Year 7 to 9 and the final stage of school from Year 10 to 12,” Mrs McCoy explained. 

“Yayasan Pendidikan Etika Dharma caters for primary school and junior high school education, and it is this final stage that Margaret River Senior High School will host in a few years when the gesture is put into action.”

Ms McCoy said two of the visiting students along with one teacher extended their stay by an extra four days to further experience life at MRSHS, to learn more about what to expect should they wish to finalise their school years in the South West.

“The students were very impressed with the lessons in class and are planning to continue their senior high school studies at MRSHS,” she said.

“As for the teachers, they have also been taking in the differences between their schools and teaching strategies utilised by MRSHS leaders to take home and apply to their own methods.

“We have a very strong relationships with many schools around Indonesia and our students and teachers welcome international students to their classes with care and pride.”