Police upgrade charge to murder

A 67-year-old Margaret River man re-appeared in Bunbury Magistrates Court on Friday, February 9, following an altercation that saw one man taken to hospital and later died. 

Antony Charles Hardy appeared in court with the upgraded charge of murder along with grievous bodily harm. 

Hardy had not spoken with a lawyer or legal aid and was strongly advised to do so by the Magistrate to which he replied he didn’t want one.

“I know what I’ve done, so why have a middle man?,” he said.

“I didn’t kill him, a heart attack killed him.”

The Magistrate again asked Hardy to strongly consider legal advise rather than to do nothing.

“If I was sitting where you are I would want to talk to a lawyer,” he said.

After his charges were read out to him Hardy conceded he would apply for legal aid with the matter stood down. 

It is alleged that Hardy had a physical altercation with a 75-year-old man who was taken to hospital for serious injuries.

The man was then flown to Royal Perth Hospital by the Royal Flying Doctor Service. 

Police confirmed on January 31 that the 75 year old man had died in hospital.

Hardy will appear in court again at a later date.