Ten is new eleven on turf | Margaret River Hockey

The Margaret River Girl’s Year 9-12 hockey team won their second match of the season this week against a full complement of Robins players.

With only 10 players after Molly Greaves fractured her arm at training and Helena Williams and Ashlee Jarvis in Queensland for the Commonwealth Games, the undermanned team left nothing in the tank. 

Newcomers Jade McLean, Emilia Forrest and Annika Keall performed beyond expectations to strengthen the attack.

Three goals in the first half by Forrest, Kiri Mann and Keall saw the River girls in a strong position.

The Margies defense held up under heavy pressure and kept the Robins scoreless in their 3-0 victory.

Candy Cow Player of the Match: Tess Mann.

Kiri Mann  - Flanked but cool under pressure.

Kiri Mann - Flanked but cool under pressure.

Margaret River A2 Women met Countrys at Busselton on Sunday this weekend in a hard fought match which saw both teams tested in the 27 degree heat on the turf.

With just the base 11 against the Countrys’ full team with bench subs, the Margaret River ladies had to dig deep to run the full game in warm conditions. 

Countrys scored the first goal early on, keeping the pressure on  throughout the first half to take the lead to 2-0. 

The Margaret River attack persisted however and were able to snatch back a goal from a long pass which was efficiently taken into the D and hit home past the Countrys goalie by MR 9-12s team member Emilia Forrest. 

A number of junior players are taking pathway opportunities in the Margaret River women’s team and responding well to the challenges of the senior grade. 

In addition new senior players have come on board and are building skills under the coaching expertise of Erin Hutton whose daughter Jackie Hutton also played for Margaret River in the match up prior to registering to play in Perth this season. 

When a short corner opportunity was won by the Margaret River attack in the last five minutes of the second half, the combined efforts of Jackie Hutton, Francine Davies, Debbie Storey and Emilia Forrest saw the equalising goal hit home. 

Regrettably another short corner opportunity in the dying seconds of the game could not be converted to a goal for Margaret River leaving the final score tied at 2-2. 

This ongoing contest is to be continued between these two long term rival teams. – Louise Mann

All smiles: Bobbie Rothwell-Hines was the player of the day in the Margaret River Girls 6-8 hockey team's game against the Cavaliers. Photo: Supplied

All smiles: Bobbie Rothwell-Hines was the player of the day in the Margaret River Girls 6-8 hockey team's game against the Cavaliers. Photo: Supplied

In the second match of the season, the girls 6-8 hockey team took on Cavaliers.

The match was very evenly fought with the Margs team having equal possession of the ball but unable to score despite good attempts on goal.

The final score was 0-2 in favour of Cavaliers.

The player award went to Bobbie Rothwell-Hines for showing great sportsmanship when an opposing player fell. – Jeanette Smith