Margaret River equestrian team shines in State competition

The Margaret River Senior High School Interschool Equestrian Team competed at the State Equestrian Centre the first week of the school holidays.

This year the school had a team of 5 riders attending, Samara Jackman, Jessica Ridley, Lily Martin, Lauryn Hall and Keeley Dittmar.

Competition was fierce with 200 riders and horses attending the event in a range of disciplines of Dressage, Show Jumping, Show Horse, Combined Training and Eventing.

The riders all did the school proud, everyone had an enjoyable but busy event and with some fantastic results.

Jessica Ridley and her horse CP Balmain (Tigga) won the award for High Point off the Track Horse – Show Horse and received a beautiful rug and rosette. 

This award is for ex-racehorses who have raced or trialled as part and are now enjoying a different career as riding horses.

Jessica and Tigga competed in the Secondary Show Horse Championship competition along with Lily Martin and her horse Bramley Entourage (Lucky).

Lauryn Hall and JVH Duchess of York (Fergie) competed in the Championship Secondary Show Hunter Championship competition.

Samara Jackman and Yartarla Park Momento (Darcy) competed in the Participant Show Horse Secondary event.

The Show Horse competition consists of three phases.

The first phase is judged on the Horse and it’s capabilities, second phase is the judged on the Rider and the third phase is a in hand led class where the overall confirmation and how the riders handle their horses is looked at.

Lilly and Lucky received individually second place for the first phase, second for second phase and first for third phase to come first overall in Secondary Show Horse

Jessica and Tigga received individually first place for the first phase, seventh for second phase and second for third phase to come second overall in Secondary Show Horse

Samara and Darcy won all three of their phases to come first overall in Participant Show Horse.

Lauryn and Fergie placed fifth in the first phase, 18th in second phase and 15th in the third phase to come 14th overall.

Jessica and Samara both then competed in the Participant Secondary Preparatory dressage with Jessica and Tigga coming secibd with an amazing score of 72.105 per cent and Samara and Darcy came fourth with 63.412 per cent.

They then also competed in the Participant Secondary Preliminary dressage with Jessica and Tigga coming fourth with 63.261 per cent and Samara and Darcy coming tenth with 59.348 per cent.

Lily and Lucky competed in the Secondary Intermediate Preliminary dressage coming tenth with 61.739 per cent. 

Lauryn and Fergie competed in the Secondary Senior Preliminary dressage coming ninth with 65.10 per cent and in the Senior Novice they came 29th with 61.034 per cent.

Keeley and Ally competed in this as well (dressage not being Ally’ discipline of choice) coming 35th with 57.609 per cent.

Ally improved greatly and settled for her next test Secondary Senior Novice where they came 17th with 64.138 per cent. 

Keeley and Ally were our only pair to compete in the show jumping competition.  They came 13th in the 80cm Combined Training, tenth in the Secondary 80cm and 19th in the Secondary 90cm

With the great results in the Show Horse competition both Lily and Jessica will now submit applications for the WA National Squad to compete at the 2018 Marcus Oldham Australian Interschool Equestrian Championships to be held in Werribee Vic in October this year.