Princess for a day | Trending

Royal wedding fever is in the air. Embrace your inner princess with this collection inspired by modern regalia.

Power Princess dress, $159.95. Nothing marks a special occasion quite like layers and layers of tulle.

Sophia faux fur wrap, $79.99. Draping a stole over your shoulders adds refinement to any ensemble.

Kimberley flora bangle, $15,322. Adorned with precious pink diamonds from the East Kimberley region, think of this as being your own crown jewels.

Imperial nine light chandelier, $1495. Deck out your humble digs with lighting that oozes sophistication.

Modern Kingdom plate set, $350. Inspired by Marie Antoinette’s lavish dinners, these regal plates can also be purchased individually for $95.

K.I.S.S.I.N.G lipstick in The Duchess, $49. Treat yourself like royalty with this sophisticated tea-rose pink shade of lippy.

Rose gold glitter sandals, $110. A practical design, adorned with all the sparkle expected of a princess.

Palais teapot, $49.95. Care for a cup of tea? This chic teapot will take any cuppa up a notch.

Garland rose hairband, $5. Let’s face it, crowns and tiaras aren’t for everyone. You’ll probably feel more comfortable walking the streets wearing this cute accessory.

Nyssa sleeve top, $699. Every modern princess loves a touch of glamour - covered in sequins and beads, this top has it in spades.

Ellery Respiro silver basket earrings, $425. Refined jewellery adds a touch of class to any outfit.

Luxe dog bed, $399. Pamper your pooch with somewhere to sleep that’s fit for four-legged royalty.

Rosewater botanical eye mask (two pack), $3. Look after the delicate skin under your eyes with a weekly pampering session.

Coach bracelet watch, $431. The royal wedding is scheduled to begin at 9pm. Make sure you can countdown in style.

VS Sassoon elegance straightener pack, $49.95. The dusty rose gold detailing and matching accessories makes this one elegant hair straightening kit. Available at Target, Big W and Myer.

Epic Bloc three-piece basin set, $550. A black tap and rose gold handles - could there be a more luxe bathroom accessory?