Your first home essentials | Trending

Your first home essentials | Trending

The days of living with your parents and share houses are over and you’re moving into an adult abode. Here are just a few of the things you’ll need to properly make your mark.

Dark grey glazed dinner set, $3 each piece. You’re going to need a matching dinner set for all those grown up dinner parties you’ll be hosting.

Cheeseporn cheese board $79.95. You should have a range of chopping boards for different food groups, including one for fancy cheese.

Tuscan Path Scheurich glazed indoor pot, $12.48. Indoor plants are a modern day essential for every stylish home - make sure yours is ultra hardy and plant it in a sturdy pot.

Jura ENA 90 micro coffee machine, $1299. If you’re servicing a mortgage, you probably shouldn’t be investing in an expensive takeaway coffee habit. A coffee machine delivers barista-style quality from your kitchen.

Synchronised Surfers framed print, from $160. Hanging art is a giant step forward from Blu Tack and posters. Take time to find something you really love and it'll decorate your walls forever.

Private Collection’s Hampton queen quilt cover set, $329.95. Crisp white bedding is a classic choice and allows you to add accent colours via your blanket and cushions, replacing them with the changing trends. Available at David Jones.

Bamboo ironing board, $129. If you’re old enough to live in your own place, you’re old enough to iron your shirts - properly, not by draping them over the kitchen bench.

The Toast Select Luxe, $169.95. Gone are the days of wanting to pack appliances away after use. Swanky options can actually lift the look of your kitchen.

Retro kettle, $199. A quick and effective way to bring style into the kitchen, and another example of the kind of appliance you want to have on show on your benchtop.

Stahl bed, from $2950 (double). With a floating platform base and modern lines, a bed such as this adds a touch of elegance to the bedroom.

Bendo paper clip coat hook, $37.60. Place a hook by the front door and you’ll always have somewhere to hang your scarf and coat.

Regent towel range, from $39.95 (bath towel). Just like your dinnerware, it’s high time you had a matching set of towels in the bathroom.

Premium autolift laundry hamper, $60. Make sure your floodrobe days are a thing of the past by storing this in the corner of your bedroom, bathroom, or whatever's convenient.

Signature cast iron square grillit, $299. Invest in quality cookware that can turn everything from a medley of vegetables to a steak into a meal.

Vera two-seater sofa, $1095. Another item where you should buy the best you can afford, in a neutral colour that’ll never go out of style.