Horoscopes: Week beginning July 8

Horoscopes: Week beginning July 8

ARIES: There will be better returns from your work during the next four weeks, both in a financial sense and socially, particularly on July 11-15, 21-23, 27-29. Some Arians may also be working with a loved one or assisting them. There’s a tendency for others to lean on you at times, although this may not always be pleasing during July 24-26.

TAURUS: You will be more creative in your work between July 10 and August 7, thereby establishing a more enjoyable atmosphere for yourself and those around you. Children require more attention, having special needs that require your attention then. July 11-15, 21-23, 27-29 tend to provide enjoyable and fulfilling highlights.

GEMINI: You will be opening your doors to visitors in the coming four weeks, with July 11-15, 21-23, 27-29 providing memorable moments. Some Gemini individuals will be refurbishing their homes during this period, beautifying it in some way. Issues with family members need to be dealt with tactfully on occasion, especially on July 24-26.

CANCER: It will be easier to express your thoughts and feelings until August 7, so make use of these talents to increase harmony and balance around you. July 11-15, 21-23, 27-29 are particularly enjoyable days. Extended family seem to be dropping by more often. You’ll also appreciate the beauty of daily life in ways that you normally miss.

LEO: You’ll be doing things in style over the coming three or more weeks, as life provides you with a little more cash to splash around. Extra work comes your way and speculative interests tend to be more successful. You have until early August to capitalise on career potential and financial advantage, with best dates being July 11-15, 21-23, 27-29.

VIRGO: The four weeks from July 10 promise Virgoan natives so much in the way of happiness, with highlights on July 11-15, 21-29. Travel opportunities delight you, whilst educational interests prove to be successful. There’s likely to be an ample supply of money around you, indicating income potential. July 24-26 tend to be more problematic.

LIBRA: You will be happier keeping your own company during the coming four weeks, doing all those little things for which you do not usually have time. You’ll particularly enjoy July 11-15, 21-23, 27-29. It will be tempting just to not get out of bed in the mornings. However, money matters need attention, especially on July 24-26 when things go awry.

SCORPIO: The four weeks until August 7 will see you sharing more social activities with loved ones, especially on July 11-15, 21-23, 27-29. However, life will have its share of little dramas as you experience disappointment around a goal or friendship, most likely on July 24-26. This is a time when a friend will need a little extra help or advice.

SAGITTARIUS: Success is a sweet word, particularly in reference to your career. The next four weeks allows you to ride upon a wave of success, and to enjoy life through your social contacts and activities. You’ll find it easy to complete tasks because you enjoy what you’re doing. July 11-15, 21-29 highlight these trends.

CAPRICORN: There is an overseas or interstate holiday due for many between July 10 and August 7, with July 11-15, 21-29 activating potential of this cycle. For those that don’t go, you’ll certainly let your mind do the travelling. Students will enjoy success during this time, as better relationships with educators exist.

AQUARIUS: There are imminent changes around domestic matters and family members during the time until August 7. You will certainly be looking at financing then, especially in relation to property or family interests. Money seems to be available for easy manipulation then. Utilise the trends of July 11-15, 21-23, 27-29 to your advantage.

PISCES: There is wonderful news involving a loved one in the interval until August 7. Your flair with words will improve relationships, so along as you allow others to be themselves. Business partnerships prove profitable then, and your spouse is more likely to have a little extra cash on hand. Best dates are July 11-15, 21-23, 27-29.

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