Beans, brews and beyond on Yahava coffee safari

Yahava Koffeeworks Margaret River has launched a new tour aimed at giving coffee enthusiasts an in-depth education on the caffeinated beverage. 

“The Koffee Safari is a different kind of experience to our regular tasting tours,” explained Yahava Margaret River manager Jade O’Shea. “We start outside the building, where we go through the way coffee is grown, how it is sourced from plantations around the world and what the process is from the ripe berries on the plant through to the beans arriving on premises.”

Limiting the tour to six people allows an up close and personal look into the inner workings of the business, including the roasting process. 

“Participants actually get to do a roast, which is pretty exclusive and something we believe is only available here in Margaret River. They can come into the roasting area which is usually off limits, and really get to understand the entire process, carrying out each step themselves while we explain some of the pitfalls and things to be aware of.”

The tour then moves to the brewing bench, where three of the most popular methods of coffee brewing – stove top, drip filter and Aeropress – are demonstrated.

“We use the same coffee for all three methods, so you can really understand how different one type of coffee can taste completely different depending on the brew method. People ask me what is the best way to make coffee, and my response is that it’s entirely up to what you like. That’s why it’s great to be able to show our customers and give them a chance to identify which process works for them.

“We also give people the chance to taste the very fresh roasted coffee they just made, and compare it to coffee that has been rested for a couple of weeks – there is a huge difference in taste.”

A final experience gives the group a chance to taste test the Yahava range with a few sweet treats, before heading out with a Yahava goodie bag and their just-roasted coffee. Mr O’Shea said a lot of misinformation surrounded the popular beverage, with some Safari-ers surprised at their newfound knowledge.

“We had an Italian guy here who said he was going to jump on the phone to his mum and tell her they’ve been making coffee the wrong way for decades!”

For more info or to book a tour call 9757 2900 or email