Science and technology on show at Montessori | Photos

Students at Margaret River Montessori School had a fun day in and out of the classroom last week for the school’s annual STEM Day.

Led by their upper school classmates, the young Montessori cohort toured the school’s classrooms, where science experiments devised by the older children were ready to be tested.

Teacher Emma Beumer said the day was the culmination of weeks of hard work by the students, who had to first come up with an idea for an experiment.

“One of the challenges especially for the older students is to create an experiment based on what they are currently learning, but then simplify and find a way to explain it to students who are younger than they are, and learning different things,” she said.

“It is also really beneficial for the younger students to come into the classrooms that maybe are a little intimidating for them, to become more comfortable in this environment so when they finally move into these rooms it’s not so confronting for them.”