Busselton bistro offers authentic tastes of France

Fanny and Thibaut Lidou are about to open their first French crepe restaurant in Busselton.
Fanny and Thibaut Lidou are about to open their first French crepe restaurant in Busselton.

Busselton husband and wife team Fanny and Thibaut Lidou hail from France and are bringing a little piece of their home to Queen Street.

Their hometown Brittany is famed for its crepes which are unique to that area, Ms Lidou’s mum has run crepe restaurants for more than 30 years and has written two cookbooks on the beloved delicacy.

Following in her footsteps the pair are about to open a crepe restaurant on Queen Street serving sweet and savoury varieties, the same as you would find in their French hometown.

The batter recipe has been in their family for more than four generations and has been refined by Ms Lidou’s mother who passed her skill onto them.

“We are doing the real deal, crepes are part of our identity,” Ms Lidou said.

“A lot of people know crepes, but how we do them is a bit more than simple crepes which everybody knows, these will be authentic to where we are from,” Mr Lidou said.

“We will do a lot of sweet crepes with lots of different toppings, we will not use Nutella, but will make our own homemade chocolate sauce.”

For those who prefer savoury flavours, expect your crepes to be served with ham, cheese, bacon, smoked salmon or scallops.

“All of those sorts of crepes, the good stuff,” Ms Lidou said.

The couple now call Busselton home, and plan to open the bistro-styled restaurant in the coming week. 

They have both worked in the hospitality industry since their teens, which has seen Mr Lidou find a career as a chef.

“This is an exciting step, the restaurant will be really different and something that has never been in Busselton before,” he said.

“We hope people will like it, it feels like the right thing to do and we want to share, it is something we have talked about for 10 years now.”

“We cannot keep it just for us, people should try it,” Ms Lidou said.

To find out more about the restaurant please visit their Facebook page facebook.com/bistrobreton29/.