Sweet time for artist with Cowie’s candy canvas

A brand new addition has joined the growing collection of public art and murals around the town of Cowaramup with this week’s completion of a brightly coloured, candy-inspired artwork behind one of the region’s most popular destinations. 

Nestled in the lane behind the Candy Cow sweet shop, artist Brad Loafer’s fun filled creation is the result of months of planning, consultation and painting.

Arriving in town in April this year, Loafer sought a vibrant art scene in which to undertake his art studies.

“I’ve always wanted to really jump in and study art and I really didn’t want to do it in the city. so we moved from Fremantle to the South West and I started studying at Margaret River Tafe,” Loafer told the Mail this week.

New to town, he approached Margaret River florist River Blossoms and asked if he could put one of his designs on their wall.

As word spread and Loafer made more connections, further commissions led to a meeting with Candy Cow owner operator, Norm Williamson.

“We had visited a place called Wynwood in Florida on a recent holiday, a town that has become very well known for public art and murals,” explained Mr Williamson.

The pair met while Loafer was painting outside Saharan Daze, and began discussing ideas for the laneway behind the sweet shop. 

“It has been great to see the Cowaramup community embracing the idea of it, and it’s grown quite organically.

“There hasn’t been a discussion or agreement to bring in more of this public art, but individually a few have invited artists to get creative and it just makes the place pop with colour.

“It’s another reason for people to hang around, take some photos, and spend time here in Cowaramup.”

The playful imagery and candy-centric designs on Loafer’s completed mural serve a practical use, with signage for the store’s deliveries incorporated alongside giant gummy bears, honeycomb and swirls of lollipops.

“This design has been really fun for me, heaps of work has gone into getting the right tone for the age group, which is really interesting when you’re talking about spray paint and graffiti but working into it suitable themes for young kids and families,” he said.

Loafer hopes to keep creating public artworks around the region while he continues his studies in Margaret River, and said he would love to see more vibrant walls popping up around town.

“There is a really strong, supportive and lively art scene down here and I’m stoked to be a part of it, art is really appreciated in this part of the world which is great.”

To contact Brad Loafer, email theartfulyogi@outlook.com