Public raises concerns over Yallingup whale carcass

The signs at Canal Rocks.
The signs at Canal Rocks.

The Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions has moved to assure the community stolen whale carcass warning signs at Wyadup are being replaced.

It comes as a Capes resident described the signage as ‘woefully inadequate’, and witnessed surfers in the water while signs were missing.

The Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions Parks and Wildlife spokesperson said the sites were monitored daily and beach closure signs were replaced as required.

“The removal and vandalism of signs on public managed lands is unfortunately a common issue that all land managers face and it is not restricted to this site,” they said.

The whale carcass washed up on the rocks at Wyadup, Canal Rocks in Yallingup on August 20.

The usual method of removing large whale carcasses with earth-moving machines was immediately considered however could not be employed at the location because the shore is too rocky and the carcass is partially submerged for much of the tidal cycle. 

This week, another resident spoke out and questioned the decision to leave the carcass to rot.

The spokesperson said a range of options were considered, including the use of an industrial water cutter jet and industrial suction truck.

None of the options were deemed feasible due to the potential safety risk to staff and contractors.

The spokesperson encouraged water users to check the shark activity online before heading to the beach and not to rely solely on signage.

They said a beach closure remained in place at the site.

“By ignoring warning signs and beach closures, people are putting their own safety at risk,” they said.