$12.71 million added to Unclaimed Money register

WA Treasurer Ben Wyatt has called for Western Australians to check the records of the Department of Treasury’s Register of Unclaimed Money after more than 54,000 new unclaimed money notifications were added to the database.

In the 2017/18 financial year alone, the Department received almost $12.71 million in unclaimed funds awaiting collection.

The Department receives unclaimed monies from Western Australian-based organisations in accordance with the Unclaimed Money Act 1990.

Money owed to people that has been forgotten or unclaimed is held by the Department under the Act, and can be searched by accessing the database online.

“In the past 12 months, individual unclaimed amounts as large as $154,301 and $111,708 were added to the unclaimed money database,” Mr Wyatt said.

“I encourage everyone to check the register to see if they are entitled to any of the funds.

“This is a free service provided by Treasury and they will be only too happy to assist in re-uniting a Western Australian with their unclaimed money.”

Last financial year, 1,290 accounts worth more than $1.32 million were paid out from the Register of Unclaimed Money.

There is no time limit on claims and anyone who can clearly establish a rightful claim will be paid their money, regardless of how long it has been held.

People interested in claiming money will require documents to help the Department verify claims including an original, signed and witnessed statutory declaration; a form of identification (such as a driver’s licence, passport or health care card); and evidence of connection to the address in the database.

The full register contains more than 575,000 unclaimed amounts and is available at www.treasury.wa.gov.au/unclaimedmonies 

Please be aware that this is the only official site for unclaimed money in Western Australia.

You should not enter any of your personal details into any other sites you may be directed to via google search results for unclaimed money.