Manoa brings folk-reggae vibes back to WA

Hitting the road: Manoa will reach Bunbury on December 7.

Hitting the road: Manoa will reach Bunbury on December 7.

Having lived in Western Australia before moving to Byron Bay, Manoa sees the state as a “second home”. 

The singer-songwriter is heading back to the West this month for his latest tour, in celebration of his new single, Change is in the Air, and latest EP.

The single tells of the Pacific Earth School, a permaculture farm/learning centre on Stradbroke Island. 

“The track is really about personal changes and changes in society, it’s an uplifting, positive song,” Manoa explained. 

Manoa will entertain music lovers with his folk melodies, groovy reggae tunes, and positive messages of peace at the Settlers Tavern, Margaret River on December 2. 

“I love touring along the West Coast, catching up with friends, and sharing the music,” Manoa said. 

“The South West is very accessible and I love the venues down there, I also like the people there.

“The tour is a chance to share the music and to unwind.

“Touring gives me a chance to connect with like-minded people. There’s a theme in my music about re-connecting to music, and people in the South West seem to really get it.”

The tour will travel across Australia before hitting New Zealand and the USA in 2019. 

Drummer Jarrah Kurth, bassist John Dixon and saxophonist Chel Bell are along for the ride.

Manoa’s story sets him apart from many musicians. 

He finished his PhD in Environmental Education and Ecopsychology, and worked as a marine biologist, in WA before relocating to Byron Bay to begin his music career. 

“I’m coming to a point where I am able to travel and share the music. People are also listening to it online and coming to the shows,” he said.

“I am just going to keep playing and expanding.” 

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