Rare catches from mixed conditions | Fishing & Diving

January saw periods of great fishing weather mixed in with some adverse wind and swell conditions which at times made it difficult to get out and wet a line. 

When conditions allowed there was some great fishing to be had and many took advantage of it to get amongst them.

Boat fisherman reported captures of all the usual demersal species, such as Dhufish, Pink Snapper, Nannygai, Queen Snapper and Harlequinfish.

There have also been some captures of Baldchin Groper, a species typically found further north which often turns up at this time of year as the water off the capes heats up.

We expect to start hearing reports of other seasonal migrants such as Spanish mackerel in the near future as the Leeuwin Current intensifies its push south.

There have already been some unconfirmed rumours of Mackerel being caught locally.

By far the most popular method of targeting Mackerel is trolling diving minnow lures such as Halco Laser Pros from a boat.

This method can also pick up other species, including Tuna, Kingfish, Samson fish and Snook.

Speaking of pelagics, Southern Bluefin Tuna remain in the area as do schools of Bonito.

Glen Szymanowicz was lucky enough to catch an Albacore recently, a species of tuna that is not often encountered in local waters.

It is distinguished from other similar tuna species by its extremely long pectoral fins.

Good numbers of Yellowtail Kingfish continue to be found around large bombies and reefy areas, particularly off Augusta.

There are plenty of Sambos mixed amongst them as well.

There has been good news for Crayfishermen with numbers caught in pots on the increase.

Divers have been doing consistently well and no doubt that will continue.

The Marron season has now closed and by all accounts it was a great one. Some truly thumping Marron were amongst those caught this season.

The Marron fishery will remain closed until January next year to give stocks time to rejuvenate.

Fishing for bread and butter species remains consistent with plenty of herring and whiting around. The Augusta estuary has been firing for Yellowfin whiting and the occasional King George.

It is coming up to Salmon season once again and in a few weeks’ time these prime sports fish will be everywhere off local beaches.

There has already been a report of a large school being sighted close to Prevelly. 

This has not been confirmed but it might a worth keeping a look out whilst visiting the beach in case there is an early start to the run.

Naturally we have a full range of Salmon lures in store ready to go for when they arrive in force.

Until next month, happy fishing & diving!