Oh-so-close for Sons of Pitches | Big Bash T20

With still two rounds of fixtures left the Mad Men and the Bush Choox have already booked a meeting for 3 weeks time in the second Semi Final.
With still two rounds of fixtures left the Mad Men and the Bush Choox have already booked a meeting for 3 weeks time in the second Semi Final.

GAME 45 Willow Warriors V Bashers: Warriors batted first and two time MVP Garstone was out first ball… but in Big Bash Rules that is a lifeline and then he went on to punish the Bashers by making 31 from his next 14 balls.

With a ¼ time power play total of 0/46 and another 56 runs in the 2nd term the Warriors had 2/103 on the board. Zac made a welcome return to the crease with 25 from 15 balls and All-Star Ozzie returned to form with 27 from 20 after a couple of low-ball scores in rounds 10 and 11.

The 3rd term saw 38 runs and 41 runs in the final term, the Warriors amassed a total of 8/182. 

Joel Middsy picked up 3 wickets but also gave up 25 runs from his 2 overs, wicketkeeping maestro Blake bowled 2 overs and took 2/12 and Westy was tidy with 1/11. Bashers took to the crease needing 9.11 runs per over and Blake got his team off to a good start with 31 from 23 balls.

The total went from 2/33 at ¼ time to 4/74 at half time and the Bashers were 16 runs behind the rate. Westy took to the bowling attack and posted 27 from 19 and Bashers lifted the run rate to be 5/120 with a quarter to go.

Needing 62 from the final 30, Bashers stalwart Fergo gave his team every chance with 25 from 14 balls but didn't have much backup and the Bashers fell 34 runs short. 

Hazza bowled his 2 overs which included 11 dot balls and 1 single to finish with 0/1. Wally took 2/16, Oscar and Payne both took 1/11. 

GAME 46 Madness V Bush Choox: The Man Men batted first and went mad, with a run rate of 13.4 runs per over in the power play they had 1/67 in the first 5 overs.

The top opening combo in the comp went sick with Callum 27 runs retired from 12 balls and Gods 28 out in 14 balls which included a 9 a 6 and a 4.

Luke's 9 run net makes him the first in the Big Bash history to hit two 9s in back to back games. With 3/100 at half time the total was looking ominous, Bezza retired on 25 and Menni belted Scooter for five 4s in a row before being out on the 6th ball after making 21 from 7 deliveries faced.

With 5/153 the final quarter belonged to the Choox with 29 runs conceded for 3 wickets.

Rhyno the only shining light in the lower order with 22 from 11 balls and the score ended on 8/185. C.J's 1/6, Muzza's 1/7 and the Plastered Smithy 1/10 the best of the Bushies bowlers.

Needing 9.26 runs per over the Choox started disastrously with Muzza out for 4 on the 3rd ball of the innings. A run out in the second over and 2/8 was looking  a long way from a victory.

Sebby retired on 28 from 13 balls, the power play netted 2/47 and things were almost back on track. Cody took 17 balls to reach his retired 26 runs and C.J came in and helped himself to 25 in 17 balls. With 3/96 at half time the Choox were perfectly poised.

Five wickets fell in the 3rd and the Choox limped to 8/133. In need of another 53 runs Sebby and Cody came back to the crease, Sebby run out for 47 and Cody remaining not out 40 to finish with a total of 10/164, 21 runs short. Young Kyle took 3/11 and his Dad old mate Gribbo returned 1/13 to be the best of the Mad Men.

GAME 47 Sons of Pitches V Master Batters: MB batted first and racked up 1/50 in the power play with Evo scoring 15 singles in 15 balls before being out on the 16th ball.

Joycey passed 250 runs for the season on his way to 28 retired in just 12 balls.

With 2/93 at half time SOP were looking at chasing a big target. Barnsey made his 7th score in a row over 25, this one his fastest in just 16 balls. 

Big Nick-Mac posted a season high 25 from 15 balls and the MB total was 2/127 at 3/4 time. Atto's final quarter score of 21 from 15 balls, and the Blind Man’s 19 from 14 helped the Master Batters pull together a total of 4/169.

 Jordy has been SOP’s best bowler this season and with 2/1

Needing to score at 8.46 runs per over SOP pounced out of the blocks to post a power play total of 1/50 in the first 5 overs and were well on track. Alan retired in 16 balls with 25 to his name and Shannon also retired with 25 from 23 balls.

Jordy then came and went with 25 retired from 14 balls and the Sons of Pitches has 3 retirees and 2/84 on the board at half time. They then added 49 in the 3rd quarter to be well ahead of the run rate with 2/133.

Drake retired with 25 from 15 balls early in the 18th over and as he left his team needed 19 off the final 12 balls. Brenno made 13 of those in 8 balls but was run out going for the 3rd run on the final ball which would have drew the match.

SOP fell just 1 run short of MB’s total. Barnesy 2/11, Fish 1/7 and Atto 1/9 MBs best bowlers.

GAME 48 Big Show V Finbats: Big Show needed to win all of their last 3 games for any chance of taking part in finals. 

They batted first and made 2/41 from the power play as Brooksey took 13 balls to retire with 25. Pizey made 20 from 12 to help the total reach 3/91 at half time.

9 runs an over in the first half the 3rd term only saw 6 runs an over made with 31 added and the run rate had fallen by a full run an over.

Shultzy tried to right things with 26 in 16 and the Big Show had put together a 20 over total of 6/157. Blackie 1/8, Telstra 2/14 and Harps 1/12 kept the BS total under control.

 The Finbats came to the crease wiith Ronny 25 from 15 balls and Blackie 26 in 13 balls helping the ¼  time total race to 0/52.

The 2nd quarter was somewhat slower but also a steadier with Nobbsy retiring for the 9th time in a row with 25 from 24 balls, he has not been out since November 12 last year.

The half time total of 1/84 became 1/133 at 3/4 time as Gibbon made 28 runs from 17 balls. The final quarter belonged to the Finbats as they posted the winning runs in the 18th over, Holm-Dog Dave smashed things around with 25 from 11 balls as he help his team post a total of  2/173 to record a 16 run victory. Thomo and Sachi the only wicket takers with 1/13 each.