Margaret River's Twenty20 finals on next week


Monday arvo's clash was between the Master Batters and the Bush Choox. The Choox batted first and used a different opening combination with Sebby out for 21 from 14 balls and Muzza notching up his 9th retirement in 12 innings with 26 runs from 15 balls.

With 0/48 on the board at 1/4 time Cody Rodgers came in and had 2 off his first 9 balls and then hit 4,4,9 before being caught for 23 from 16 balls. Cody's bro' Jake then came in and hit two 6s and two 4s to retire with 26 from 12.

The total was mounting up with 1/94 at half time and C.J steadily building a retired 25 in 19 balls. The 3/4 time total after 15 overs was 3/149 and the Master Batters needed to do something.

They only allowed 15 runs to be scored in the final 5 overs to hold the total down to 5/164.

MB Skipper Joel the Blind Guy took 2/12, NickMac 1/9 and Joycey tidy behind the stumps with 0 byes and 3 catches. 

Master Batters need to score at 8.21 runs per over and with 2 wickets falling to the bowling of young Cody in the 2nd over it was not a good start. Joycey stopped the rot with a retired 25 from 14 balls and the score was 2/39 after the power play 5 overs.

MB only managed 23 runs in the 2nd quarter and with 5/62 on the board were in all sorts of trouble. Radice had 5 runs on the board from 12 balls before hitting 4 boundaries and retiring with 25 runs from 19. 

At ¾  time the total was 8/96 and with 69 needed from 30 balls and only 2 wickets in hand.

The game was over on the 4th ball of the 19th over with Cody picking up back to back wickets to end with the figures of 4 wickets for 4 runs and a man of the match chicken from Chicken Treat.

Bevo was also handy with the ball taking 2/4 and the big man Morgs chipped in with 2/14 from his 2 overs.

The Choox move back to the top of the table and are hoping to go into the finals to break the run of 4 grand final losses in a row.


Tuesday's clash saw the Bashers bat first against the Son of Pitches.

Blake Anderson has been the leagues find of the season and tonight he started the innings with three 4s from the first 3 balls of the match, he went on to make 24 from 16 to give the Bashers a running start. With 1/39 at 1/4 time and after a mini collapse the total limped to 4/67 at half time.

The 3rd term saw S.O.C (Jacob Son of Col) help himself to a retired 28 runs in 16 balls and Callen also retired with 25 albeit a bit slower taking 31 balls.

At 3/4 time the Bashers were building a total worth defending with 4/115 as big Danny came to the crease. Danny belted 25 not out retiring with a 6 on his 14th ball and the Bashers had set a total of 7/158 for the S.O.P out fit to chase. 

Alan Seymour returned a season best bowling figures with 1/5 in two overs, Balls was tidy keeping the run rate down with 0/8 and Alex, Brenno and Will taking a wicket each.

The Sons of Pitches will need to score at 7.91 runs per over if they are to post win number two for the season.

The innings stated with Jordy skying a catch off his first ball (free hit) back to the bowler Jacob who then threw down the stumps to run him out. Then Kurt the Kid smashed two sixes on his way to a retired 25 from 17 balls.

The SOP boys were off to a great start with 1/41 in the power play to be just ahead of the run rate required. The 2nd term was even better with 45 runs added as Jacob 25 retired in 21 balls and Alan 23 in 19.

SOP had 1/86 at half time with two of their most experienced players Balls 20 from 19 and Brenno 16 from 9 came and went as another 40 was added in the 3rd term.

Needing 33 from the final 5 overs, season regular newbies Nicholas 24 not out in 11 balls and Ado 18 not out in 17 balls saw the Sons of Pitches  post a 17 run victory. S.O.C was good for the Bashers with 2/14 and that run out. Leigh 0/10 was also tidy with the ball. 


Wednesday night's game didn't mean anything to the final 4 positions with the Big Show out of contention and Madness locked into 2nd position. 

But both teams are in good form and it's now about pride. 

Big Show batted first and made 1/30 in the power play. 

Sachi retired with 30 from 27 which ended with a 6 on his last ball. At half time things were slowish with 2/63 and 1 retiree.

The 3rd term as a lot better as Brock retired with 25 from 20 and a rarely seen Colin Baker 6 helped the total reach 3/107 at 3/4 time. 

The final quarter was the most productive with 45 runs added.

Goddard contributed with a couple of 6s in his total of 20 not out from 12 balls. 

The Big Show put together an OK total of 6/152 after a slow first half. Benno 1/5 and Callum 1/4 only bowled 1 over each but together very handy. 

The Mad Men's youngest member 18 year old Kyle Young Gribbo completed a hat-trick with his first ball taking the wicket of Schultzy.

He took the last two wickets with the last 2 balls of the innings last week.  

Madness went into bat needing 7.61 runs per over and with God's hitting a 6 from the first ball and then being bowled by the second they were off to a different start.

Big Show's God, Matt, took a wicket in the 3rd over and 2/34 from the power play was way off. 

The 2nd quarter was also a disaster to be 5/72 at the half way mark.

The 3rd quarter was a steadier with Pete making a solid 28 retired from 16 balls and Bezza on his way to a 22 caught from 17. 

With a quarter to go 6/111 was still 43 runs away from victory. Gribbo Snr' was flying with 17 from 13 balls when he did a hammy and needed a runner. 

The runner was run out and they fell 7 runs short. 

The Big Show performed well aided by Mitch's 3 for 11 and Sachi's 2/10 Brooksy took two wickets and 3 catches in a great final over win.

Game 52

Game 52 of the Margaret River Big Bash meant whoever won would play finals and the losers would have to hope for a win in the final round next week to make finals. 

The Warriors batted first against the Finbats.

Garsty opened up with an innings that included three 6s and it was over in 12 balls with 25 retired. 2/51 at quarter time and then a collapse in the second quarter to have 4/79 at half time.  

A third quarter lead by Oscar 25 from 24 balls help the score along to 5/117. 

Hazza dominated the last quarter with 25 in 12 balls and the Warriors had posted a score of 6/167. 

Bobcat hit a 9 run net and then was out 3 balls later for 11.

Nobbsy 2/12 and Gareth only conceding 10 runs in 2 overs the best for the Finnies. 

Needing 7.86 runs per over the going was not rapid at 6.20 runs per over after the power play. 

The second term was more productive with Nobbsy retiring on 25 from 26 balls.

Gibbo made 21 from 20 balls and Holmsey helped with 24 from 18 to see the total at ¾  time be 5/114. 

Needing 54 from the final 30 balls the tale-enders had a swing but fell 13 runs short of the target. 

Hep 1/7 and Garsty's 1/10 bowled the last two overs that won the game. 

The Warriors are set for a premiership defence and locked into the first semi. Finbats face the Bashers on Tuesday to see if they can get back into 4th position and play finals...