Rare chance to hear from Aussie hip hop stars

In Between Two: Catch Aussie hip hop stars Joelistics and James Mangohig this weekend. Photo: Sarah Walker
In Between Two: Catch Aussie hip hop stars Joelistics and James Mangohig this weekend. Photo: Sarah Walker

Arts Margaret River will present a breathtaking 70 minutes of beats, raps and storytelling this weekend at the new HEART cultural complex. 

'In Between Two' features a pair of trailblazing stars of the Australian music scene as they survey the forces that have shaped their journey into the industry. 

TZU’s Joelistics and ARIA-nominated producer James Mangohig are icons of Australian hip- hop, but their family histories are as complex and layered as their lyrics.

Both mixed-race, their respective heritages are woven through their experiences growing up in Australia.

From a nightclub-owning grandma in an open marriage to globetrotting parents with a political streak, the pair lovingly paint a canvas filled with failed proposals and religious strictures, casual racism and empowerment through music.

The live show will be preceded by a Hip Hop Workshop on Friday 8 March at the Zone Room.

The hour long workshop run by Joel and James will instruct 15 lucky Margaret River students on how to add beats to their stories and narratives.

Angela Ramirez, Aboriginal Islander Education Officer, said it was a great opportunity for the boys.

“The boys are really looking forward to the workshop and so am I,” she said.

“Not only are Joel and James talented musicians but their stories and experiences will be very interesting.

"We are grateful to Arts Margaret River for offering the workshop to our group free of charge,” she added. 

The talented duo operate and play all musical instruments in the show including keyboard, guitars, stand-up bass, two samplers plus effects units.

Like an hour with good friends—who just happen to have impeccable taste in tunes— this is a show that keeps to the beat of the human heart.

Fittingly, the first stage of the Margaret River HEART complex is now ready for use.

While the new theatre still has some work to be done on the raked seating, it is ready to present theatre shows and cinema in a limited capacity.

Arts Margaret River manager Andrew Frith said they were excited to welcome the local cinema screenings back to Margaret River.

"On March 15 we will be screening Bohemian Rhapsody twice at 6pm and 9pm to accommodate demand," he said.

"The last cinema screening at the old Cultural Centre was on the 18 March 2018 and here we are nearly one year to the day, bringing cinema back. 

"I am also very excited that the very first show in the new HEART venue is 'In Between Two'.

"I first saw this show in Adelaide in 2017 and it has taken 2 years to get them here.

"This show is a great look at what it means to grow up in Australia with an immigrant background and the stories are fascinating.”

In Between Two is on this Saturday 9 March, 8pm at the Margaret River HEART complex, Wallcliffe Road. 

Tickets: $35 Adult, $30 Member/Pension, $20 Youth can be purchased online from artsmargaretriver.com or by calling 9758 7316 or by visiting the Arts Margaret River Office at the Community Centre, Tunbridge Street (Monday to Friday 10am-4pm).