Triple trick for Margaret River's lawn bowlers

It was a successful outing for the Margaret River Bowling Club at their home headquarters where they won all three pennant finals in all divisions in the same season for the first time. 

The club's four men's teams faced teams from the Dunsborough Bowling Club while the Margaret River ladies defeated Augusta in a close and exciting game. 

The finals were held in front of a vocal and enthusiastic crowd of supporters at the recently refurbished Margaret River green. 


First Division

Mens - M.Ridge, C. Maylor, J.Eastcott, D. Head, F. Beswick, P. Bayliss, G. Bussell, M. Pepper

Second Division

Mens - L. Bussell, C. Nagtegaal, C. Nairn, M. Head, Smiler Gale, J. Morris, T. King, T. Wenman.

Ladies - Y. Coffey, D. McGregor, P. Sutton, K. Sanday

For more information about the club visit or call 9757 3666.