2019 King of Concrete Busselton, WA | Photos

Margaret River's Sunny Cook was named the WA champion of bowl skateboarding at the King of Concrete event in Busselton on Saturday.

Cook competed against some of Australia's best bowl skateboarders as they rolled their way into Busselton's skate park.

The skateboarders did not disappoint, with $5000 in prize money up for grabs it was an action packed event impressing crowds that watched the skaters handle to bowl with ease.

In the open men's event Kieran Wooley from Kiama NSW took first place, followed by Bryce McKean from Sydney NSW in second place and Zepp Heyes from Rye NSW in third.

Cook finished in fifth place and was crowned the WA Champion.

In the women's event Isi Campbell from Denmark WA skated her way into first place and was named the WA Champion, she was followed by Jessica Schwier in second place and Claudia Duane in third.



1. Kieran Wooley

2. Bryce McKean

3. Zepp Heyes

4. Marley Rae

5. Sunny Cook (WA Champ)

6. Brendan Cross

7. Tomo Baker

8. John Cahill


1. Isi Campbell (WA Champ)

2. Jessica Schwier

3. Claudia Duane

4. Armani Moore

5. Lilly Henry

6. Paige Durrell

7. Sky Caywood

8. Elise Collins


1. Vycharn Wicks (WA Champ)

2. Craig Baxter

16 and Under

1. Jason Lijinzaat

2. Zeyke Cook (WA Champ)

3. Jack Foreman

4. Vai Evans

5. Alfie Donegan

6. Jeschke Hmelninsky

12 and Under

1. Rollins Moore (WA Champ)

2. Hunter McGill

3. Isi Campbell

4. Cruz Evans

5. Sunny Grapes

6. Balin Dawe

7. Jake Smith

8. Jimmy Grapes

9. Ryder Vernon

10 Brodie McCarthy

9 and Under

1. Cruz Uros (WA Champ)

2. Jai Pannossian

3. Taylor Ford

4. Zen Evans

5. Archie Anning

6. Byron McGuire