Horoscopes: week beginning April 21

Horoscopes: week beginning April 21

ARIES: Aries is currently in a cycle of spiritual development, aided by negotiations with both hidden aspects of life and encounters that challenge your problem-solving abilities. You are now entering an initial four-month period of a longer cycle that shapes your spirituality through such encounters. There's more ahead in 2020: February, March, then August to the following January inclusive.

TAURUS: Your visions are giving birth to new goals and new ways to achieve them, calling on your creativity. You're also mixing with a different type of person, making new friends. Your experiences in the four months around June 22, 2019 highlight these trends, culturing directions and creativity. You'll be much more adept by the end of this cycle in early 2020.

GEMINI: New career aspirations are being nurtured during the next four months, requiring the development of artistic or creative skills. This trend will also initiate career opportunities that allows for the employment of such talents. You need to be patient with the development of this potential for this phase is not complete until the New Year of 2020.

CANCER: Your desires to travel and learn are currently being stimulated: even more so over the late autumn and early winter months of 2019. It is likely that you'll take up such opportunities, but these require either planning or commitment to an extensive period of time. For these reasons, this cycle will not be complete for some eighteen or more months.

LEO: The developing financial potential of the four months centred on June 22, 2019 will grow in magnitude until late January 2020. You need to feel your way with these matters as you are unfamiliar with certain associated aspects. Trust is an important part of this cycle, but you must also ensure that such trust is not misplaced. Expect more action early in 2020.

VIRGO: New dimensions are being experienced in marriage or a partnership, which many Virgos feel is ideal. The coming four months initiates a new sequence in a longer-term trend that sees you identify more strongly with a charismatic individual, with whom you are closely aligned. February and March 2020, then August 2020 to January 2020 enhance such associations.

LIBRA: Your creative work potential is being unleashed during the coming four months, seeing the development of a skill set that can be used in the real world. As such, job opportunities are also being cultured, so that by the end of January 2020 you will be much happier with the state of such affairs: you will have metaphorically travelled such a long way.

SCORPIO: The budding potential of romance tantalises Scorpio individuals over the coming eighteen to twenty-one months, creating a truly memorable relationship. You feel that you have so much in common with this individual, who lives up to your ideals. This cycle also promotes fertility and involvement with children, so new experiences are also being shaped during the course of this sequence.

SAGITTARIUS: Your domestic life is very fluid and mutable, ideally, allowing you a degree of freedom. Over the coming eighteen to twenty-one months, some aspect of your family life is becoming more ideal, with the initial phase beginning in the next four months. Family members also exhibit a great deal of compassion towards each other, adding to the idyllic state of affairs.

CAPRICORN: You're exploring new ways of daily life, involving flexible schedules, freely-structured relationships with neighbours, and the investigation of local variability. There seems to be some secretiveness or seclusion to all this, ensuring that you blend into the background whilst establishing important contacts. You'll do this well in the coming four months: more to come next year.

AQUARIUS: The exploration of unknown financial potential seems to be a developing theme during the coming four months, calling on all your creative and intuitive skills to get things going. There'll be further developments in February and March 2020 and August 2020 to January 2020, as you cultivate your talents and income-earning potential.

PISCES: Pisceans are on a journey of personal discovery during April to July 2019, February and March 2020, and August 2020 to January 2020: all linked by invisible threads of time. You are exploring who you really are and adjusting circumstances around you to better suit, whether you are presenting yourself differently, changing living conditions or developing a relationship.

 Alison Moroney, 2020 | astrologer@alisonmoroney.com | www.alisonmoroney.com