Man washed off the rocks at Yallingup

A dramatic sea rescue took place off Wyadup on Saturday when a man was washed off the rocks in heavy seas.

Fifteen year old Tyla Lindsay captured the moment the man was washed into the ocean and called police before helping other bystanders guide the man to safer waters.

Tyla had been taking some photos of the large swell with her dad and were on the rocks when they saw the man in white water who was clearly in trouble.

"My dad called the police and we worked together with other witnesses to guide the man into safer waters while waiting for emergency services," she said.

"A rescue boat was sent out from the Canal Rocks boat ramp and took about half and hour to reach the man.

"Meanwhile a brave lifesaver who happened to be at the beach paddled out in attempt to save the man however the rescue boat was able to reach the man before the surfer could.

"It was a team effort.

"The man was taken to hospital to spend the night."

Naturaliste Volunteer Marine Rescue vice commander Paul Bresland said they received a call from Bunbury Police who asked them to get there as soon as possible.

Mr Bresland said they got the boat in the water and police who were on the scene directed the marine rescue volunteers to the man who was treading water in the rough seas.

"He was treading water we picked him up and took him back to Canal Rocks as quick as we could," he said.

"He was very lucky, we had to call an ambulance he seemed to be suffering from hypothermia."