Season of surprises for South West anglers | Photos

What a salmon season we have had so far!

Anglers from far and wide have graced our shores, and they have been given ample opportunities with huge schools swimming the coast over the last month or two.

Whether you catch for the fun of it or catch to eat - both are worth the effort.

For those keen to give it a go all you need is a simple rod and reel combo, some heavier leader and a salmon lure like a richter plug, clone, raider, twisty or smiths jig.

Other shore based fishing has also been hot of late.

The herring (big ones), have been thick and many local crew are heading out almost each day to catch a feed for the evening meal.

Tailor and mulloway have not been seen lately - but we are coming in to the season to catch these tasty fish.

One avid angler has reported catches of good size pink snapper off western shores in the last couple of weeks. Boat fisho's have only had a few chances to get out amongst high winds and big swells.

Those who have been lucky enough have had catches of dhuies, pinks, nannygai and even an odd kingy.

Freediving and spearfishing has also been fruitful with good numbers of crays to be found out in the deeper water.

Cray season this year has been as random and as hit and miss as summer.

Small pulses of white crays walked in and then nothing again for a month.

Then another wave of whites and then quiet followed again by another little pulse of white crays again these last two weeks.

Definitely a season full of surprises and I am sure that random catches of late season Spanish Mackerel and Southern Blue Fin Tuna are well and truly possible.

Freedivers targeting areas out wide in the deeper water have landed solid Dhufish and yellow tail kings.

Most of these catches were team efforts with good buddy systems being used as the increase of bronze whalers has made it harder to land a speared fish.

One up-one down is the best method to keep you safe while free diving and spearfishing along our coast.

If a shark comes in to hassle your buddy and his catch then you are both there to help and defend your ground and your fish.

If the sharks are hungry then there is not much you can do to stop them from talking fish off spear shafts. Just move to a new spot and start hunting again.

Always dive safely with these big predators and if you ever feel threatened by their behaviour then get out and move spots.

Don't let sharks take fish from you as it will only teach them that freedivers are a good source for an easy meal off the spear shaft or from your float line or float stringer. Look after each other and look after your catch.

Safe diving and hunting out there, lets hope Autumn brings all the good fish we can expect it will.