Romance is alive on Busselton

In what could be the most romantic thing ever to happen on Busselton's bustling Queen Street, Jason Smithwick returned from Queensland to propose to the love of his life Susie Thomas.

Workers on Queen Street scrambled out to the front of their offices on Tuesday afternoon to witness Mr Smithwick play the bagpipes down Busselton's main drag.

Included in the crowd was Ms Thomas, who stood stunned to see her partner parading down the street before bending down on one knee.

With tears in her eyes, and those of bystanders who were cheering them on, Ms Thomas said yes to the exciting proposal.

Mr Smithwick had been planning the proposal for some time with Ms Thomas' daughter Tara, who he picked up from school to be part of the proposal.

He said he arrived in Busselton two days ago to see Ms Thomas before the pair relocated to Rockhampton and made the long journey across the Nullabor.

"It was a huge surprise," Ms Thomas said.

"I heard the bagpipes and was wondering what was going on, I did not expect that to happen at all.

"I feel wonderful, thank you."

Her daughter Tara said she knew all along about the proposal and had kept it a secret from her mum while she was planning it with Mr Smithwick.

"It was so good to surprise mum," she said.

"I was so proud to be part of it and I knew mum would be shocked to see me coming, it was really good."