The Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse in Dunsborough reopens after renovation works

For the second time in history, the Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse has undergone extensive renovation works and officially reopened to the public on Saturday.

Margaret River Busselton Tourism Association asset and environment manager Mark Delane said there came a time when significant works were required to ensure the lighthouse remained functional to all those who rely on it.

"It is the nature of a lighthouse, it has significance and historical beauty, sitting high on a hill and exposed to the full elements," he said.

Restoration works at the lighthouse included the removal of all the external and internal paints to reveal the limestone back to the bare stone.

From there, the team completed internal metal works, and restored stairs and landings.

"The electrical system has been updated and streamlined in keeping with the charm and mystic of the tower," Mr Delane said.

"After more than 116 years of service the balcony that has been the lookout for both keepers and tourists was reinforced and strengthened.

"As too the steel work of the lens floor which has been the access point and housing for the essential lens pedestal."

Mr Delane said the lens turned every second of every day was stopped for a brief time to allow vital and nourishing works to occur.

He said while that was in place a temporary light was housed on a provisional structure to allow the function of the light to continue

"Given the steadfast nature of this lighthouse, this is only the second time works of this scale have occurred in its history, having survived direct lighting strikes and bushfires that is quite remarkable," he said.

"These current works are of great importance and we are delighted that these works will allow the lighthouse to continue to be fully operational form many, many years to come."