Horoscopes: week beginning June 16

Horoscopes: week beginning June 16

ARIES: You are in a fairly subjective sort of mood in conjunction with the Full Moon on Monday. Try to keep a balanced perspective. All in all, things seem to work out well. Monday through Friday can be tense days at home when minor problems seem to abound. This may involve a fall out with a neighbour or disagreement with a close relative.

TAURUS: There are a number of financial schemes that are close to realisation in association with the Full Moon of June 17. You need to keep emotions in check so they don't interfere with logic. During Monday through Friday Taureans are likely to be feeling more tense than usual. Don't jump into a car with unresolved tensions as it can bring more headaches than you would like.

GEMINI: In conjunction with June's Full Moon, you are at an annual cyclical peak where your partnerships and relationships are concerned, bringing many matters to a culmination. Geminis tend to be a touch agitated during Monday through Friday over an issue of values. Many will be pushing hard to get their own way, perhaps stretching the bonds of friendship.

CANCER: The Full Moon falling on June 17 highlights potential health problems for Cancerians: seek any medical treatment you require and adjust your diet as required. Cancerians will be determined to make an impact on the world around them during Monday through Friday. They have the ideas and should capture the attention they need.

LEO: The Full Moon of June 17 heralds a prime time where your ambitions and social activities are concerned, when many achievements are within your grasp. Monday through Friday can be rather frustrating days if Leo is trying to gain recognition for their ideas and efforts. It is better to plan that for another time and spend your time doing more research or helping someone else.

VIRGO: Your position in the world, including career and home life, is under a personal spotlight as you strive towards success, stimulated by June's Full Moon. Virgo is full of great ideas during Monday through Friday, especially where there is profit involved. There is much that can be done towards achieving your goals, whether action or planning is involved.

LIBRA: Plans, studies and travel arrangements are at the closest point to fulfilment, bringing either success or failure. You have already planted the seeds, so nurture them. Libra will be out to make their mark on the world during Monday through Friday, probably in co-operation with another. There is great potential if you have done your homework properly.

SCORPIO: The budget will be under review in association with Monday's Full Moon, with either a blow out or surplus. You are more likely to prosper under these trends. There is merit in what others say during Monday through Friday, so Scorpio should take heed. It may very well work to your detriment if you choose not to listen.

SAGITTARIUS: Personal relationships are rather important to you at the moment. It will be difficult to hide your feelings and thoughts, which June make you feel uncomfortable. Sagittarius has a way with money during Monday through Friday, making it work to their advantage. Speculation is a bit risky 'though.

CAPRICORN: The Full Moon of June 17 indicates the need to attend to very personal matters. Clear the cobwebs from your life and you'll feel better for it. Someone seems to be quite argumentative around Capricorn during Monday through Friday. A matter of ownership or responsibility may well be involved.

AQUARIUS: Life seems to be full of promise as your ambitions and hopes soar. A new romance June be in the offing for some, whilst work prospects are good. Aquarius needs to take extra care to avoid stress, rushed situations or self-indulgence. All of these may upset your physical disposition during Monday through Friday.

PISCES: There is promise of advancement in your career, in association with Monday's Full Moon. How far you progress depends on you, but you appear to be inherently lucky. Monday through Friday is likely to see Pisces fired up over romance or an issue to do with the kids. It would be very easy to allow passion to dominate everything else.

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