Augusta Hotel to mark milestone with birthday party

Back in 2012, ahead of the centenary anniversary of the iconic Augusta Hotel, director Ted Coulter began hunting for historical information on the hotel.

During his search, Mr Coulter discovered a South Western News article about a time capsule buried beneath the property.

The article, dated September 6 1912, referenced the capsule resting under the foundation stone of the hotel.

Mr Coulter recruited a group of interested locals and they began digging.

After some serious excavation under the limestone foundation, they found the intact time capsule - in the form of a mason jar - which was neatly wrapped in a newspaper dated 30 August 1912, the day before the foundation stone was laid on 31 August.

In the time capsule, as it read in the South Western News article, "Several coins of the realm and copies of papers were placed in a receptacle under the stone, including a document containing the signatures of those present."

"We were surprised to find out that a time-capsule had been placed beneath the foundation stone as no-one knew that it was there," said Mr Coulter.

"Then to actually discover the jar, on its side with a copy of the South West Times on top to protect it from the stone above was another buzz.

"The jar was on display at the celebration lunch and dinner held on the centenary weekend in 2012, as well as a number of tales from the era including the 20's, 30's and 40's."

The artefacts were removed to be displayed at the nearby Augusta Museum, while the hotel's foundation stone can be seen at the bottle shop entrance to the present-day hotel.

The Augusta Hotel will turn 107 at the end of August, and Mr Coulter said this year's celebrations would be a more modern affair.

"This year, we will celebrate the hotel's birthday on September 4, with a wine and food matching evening in our function room, which boasts incredible views over the Hardy Inlet.

"We have local winery Glenarty Road coming along to share their wine story and will provide our guests with tasting notes to match our 5 course meal.

"Artist Heather Sims Lowe from Karridale will have pieces available for sale on the night, to add something extra to the evening.

"We are looking forward to the night and working with other local businesses,"

The Augusta Hotel birthday celebrations will be held from 6pm on Wednesday September 4.

Tickets $65 per person (inc 5 courses + wine) are available by contacting or by calling 9758 1944.