Sustainable schooling for Margaret River students | Photos

Year 3 Margaret River Primary School students enjoyed a special visit to the AMR Shire offices last week, where they met with Shire President Ian Earl to display their Global Goal posters.

"These posters have been created by Year 3 students in Room 6 as a culminating activity at the end of their Inquiry into Spinning in Space," explained teacher Dawn Veary.

"One of the key outcomes of this inquiry is that students understand the characteristics which make life possible on Planet Earth. As they learnt more about these characteristics, they began to realise that our planet is really special and that the conditions which make it unique are also being threatened by everyday life practices.

"It also became evident that the only characteristic which humans had any control over was the environment."

"At Margaret River Primary, our school follows the inquiry-based process and the final stage of this process is the So What? It is at this stage where students are asked to reflect on their learning and what they have learned or how it will change their thinking or their lives."

Students were tasked with researching environmental threats and brainstormed actions that everyday people could take to make a difference.

"Our school incorporates the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (Global Goals) into our inquiry topics," said Ms Veary. "These have been set by the United Nations General Assembly as a 'blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all' by 2030."

Students were required to create catchy slogans and create posters featuring their Global Goals and statistics.

Using images, bold fonts and colour to create the eye catching designs, the students then needed to make contact with locations around the town to request display space.

"Writing a letter to a business was a new step for them, and they rose to the challenge. They wrote to Riverfresh IGA and Woolworths explaining the purpose of the project and asking if they could display their work onsite.

"We are very grateful to the Shire for agreeing to this display, and for the support received by the other businesses keen to help spread the messages.

"Each and every student put so much creativity and thought into these posters and they can be very proud of their work."