HK police chief calls for peace at march

Indonesian journalist Veby Mega Indah, is blaming police for her injury during a Hong Kong protest.
Indonesian journalist Veby Mega Indah, is blaming police for her injury during a Hong Kong protest.

Hong Kong's police chief has urged citizens to demonstrate peacefully ahead of what is expected to be a large-scale pro-democracy march on Sunday.

Police have given a rare green light to the demonstration, organised by the Civil Human Rights Front, the group that called the million-strong marches in the summer.

Speaking to reporters before departing for a "courtesy visit" to Beijing, newly-installed police commissioner Chris Tang urged Hong Kongers to set a global example.

"We hope our citizens can show the whole world (that) Hong Kong people are capable of holding a large scale rally in an orderly and peaceful manner," he said. "We urge the organiser to assist the police on maintaining the order."

Tang was travelling to meet with senior officials from the ministry of public security in Beijing and is expected to return to Hong Kong on Sunday.

The former British colony has been wracked by six months of pro-democracy protests sparked by a now withdrawn China extradition bill and which have broadened into calls for greater democratic freedoms.

Pro-democracy candidates achieved record gains in the November 24 local elections, winning almost 90 per cent of the seats after the highest ever voter turnout since local polls began in 1999.

On Friday, protesters plan a smaller rally against police use of tear gas, which they say is excessive and harming innocent bystanders. The police claim the use of force has been restrained.

Meanwhile, more than two months after being blinded in one eye by what she believes was a projectile fired by riot police, Indonesian video journalist Veby Mega Indah is still seeking answers.

On September 29, Indah was among a group of reporters covering a clash between armed police and anti-government protesters.

She says she was clearly identified as a journalist at the time.

Indah has filed an official complaint and has a lawyer pursuing her case but has so far had little response.

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