Par 3 Busselton open a mini golf course

Mini golf opens at Par 3 in West Busselton

After months of hard work and sheer determination, Par 3 owner Asher Packard-Hair and manager Matt Mansfield officially open a mini golf course at the West Busselton park on Saturday, January 25.

The team had the idea to create a mini golf course around 18 months ago and spent time looking at other courses around Perth to get inspiration for their design.

"We had a nice area under the trees which was not being used so Matt and I came up with a layout and looked into other people building it, but decided to give it a crack ourselves," he said.

"Matt and I did the design together and I helped out where I could," he said.

"We used local contractors for the concrete and a few other jobs.

"It was a huge job.

"It is the only one of its kind outside of Perth, in Busselton it's the only thing like this."

Mr Packard-Hair said his grandparents and their friends first built the golf course back in the 1980's, the area where the mini golf course is located was originally a children's playground and maze.

"The subsequent business owner took it down and it was just sand," he said.

The pair are now starting work on another nine holes at the mini golf course which will have a beach theme, and jetty built into the course.

"We have a conditional liquor licence, we are about to do some renovations and will open a little bar at Par 3," Mr Packard-Hair said.

"It will be somewhere people can come and just enjoy their day.

"We will have something to offer everyone, golf doesn't suit everyone but mini golf anyone can have a go."

Mini golf course at Par 3.

Mini golf course at Par 3.

Mr Mansfield said they were really happy with how the mini golf course had turned out.

"It was great fun building a mini golf course, you don't always get that kind of opportunity," he said.

"There are two holes on each green, so we'll eventually have 36 holes with two difficulty levels, the red flag is challenging and the blue flag is outrageous."

Par 3 is located at 1 Spinifex Court, West Busselton, for more information please visit the Facebook page