Kangaroo hops to the usually bustling Busselton Foreshore

As the nation self isolates during the COVID-19 pandemic, a kangaroo was spotted hopping along the usually bustling Busselton Foreshore.

Several residents reported on social media that they had seen a kangaroo making its way through quiet urban streets close to Busselton's town centre.

Bridie Cole wrote on Facebook, "Heads up anyone walking their dogs in town.

"Big old kangaroo just went belting past my house on the west end of Duchess Street headed towards the jetty."

Lesley Reid replied that she saw the kangaroo hurtling down the Bussell Highway.

"It did a broggy then went down West Street. Wondered where it went," she said.

News sites around the world have reported that wild animals have been seen roaming the streets while people adhere to social distancing measures and self isolate in their homes.

In Wales, wild goats roamed the streets of a small coastal town Llandudno, which is usually packed with tourists.