80yo reunited with her Queensland Police rescuers after four days on the floor with a broken hip

RECOVERING: Erika Freingruber with the Beaudesert officers Constable Glenn Engels and Constable Max Gillott who rescued her.
RECOVERING: Erika Freingruber with the Beaudesert officers Constable Glenn Engels and Constable Max Gillott who rescued her.

Queensland's Care Army and police have teamed up to save the life of 80-year-old Erika Freingruber.

Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has praised the work of both bdies after the 80-year-old who broke her hip and was unable to move in her home for more than four days.

Erika Freingruber, who lives alone at her Beaudesert house and has no immediate family, had registered for assistance with the Care Army during COVID-19.

It turned out the move saved her life.

A member of the Care Army Community Recovery team raised concerns with Beaudesert police on April 23 after not being able to contact with Erika.

When police went to Erika's address, where they could hear her faintly calling for help. They then broke down the door and called for medical help.

Later, in hospital, doctors told her she was very lucky to be alive.

Video courtesy of Queensland Police

Premier Palaszczuk said Erika's rescue showed just how significantly the Care Army and police contributed to the community.

"I am extremely grateful to the member of the Care Army who raised the alarm when Erika couldn't be contacted," she said. "And as for the police, I can't say enough about the urgency, professionalism and compassion they brought to bear in going to Erika's aid."

Commissioner Katarina Carroll said Erika's ordeal showed the importance of caring for seniors, particularly during the coronavirus pandemic.

"We need to make sure everyone in our community is being looked after during these times, particularly those more vulnerable such as older people, those with a medical condition and people who live alone," Commissioner Carroll said.

"We are very pleased Erika registered for assistance with the Care Army and through the systems in place, police were able to get to her before it was too late.

"The officers should be commended for their quick-thinking actions in forcing their way into Erika's home and their compassion in looking after her and even visiting her in hospital."

Beaudesert Police Station officer-in-charge Ken Murray said it had taken Erika our days to crawl from her bedroom to the lounge room with her fractured hip.

Reverend David Hawke said the Beaudesert Uniting Church was working to repair her house. He urged vulnerable people to avoid becoming isolated due to social restrictions.

"Give us a call and we will happily stay in touch with you," he said. "We also want to let everyone know, especially older folk, that we have stacks of food available here. We don't want anyone in Beaudesert struggling or going without food."