ON A KINDER NOTE with Dolly's Dream | The tricky talks parents have to have

Many parents feel uncomfortable talking about sensitive topics like bullying, 'sexting' and porn, but there are ways to make the awkward conversations easier.

  • Have some key messages worked out in advance.
  • Find somewhere to talk without being interrupted, preferably while doing something nice, like walking the dog, kicky a footy, or playing a video game together.
  • Ask questions like 'Is cyber bullying a problem at your school?', 'Do kids at your school talk about watching porn?' and 'Have you ever been contacted online by someone you hadn't met?'
  • Try hypotheticals such as 'What advice would you give someone who was asked to send a nude and didn't want to?'
  • Summarise what your teen has just told you, to check you've understood and show you're listening.
  • Remind your teens that it's smart to ask for help when we need it, and that you would want them to tell you if something went wrong.
  • Be clear that whatever the problem is, you'll find a way to deal with it.
  • Involve a support person if necessary, like a trusted relative, a psychologist, or a service like Parentline.

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