Margaret River battles strong opposition against Robins

Margaret River battles strong opposition against Robins

The Margaret River Year 9-12 girls hockey team faced their 2019 premiership rivals this week as they clashed with the Robins on Friday night.

The Robins are a strong hockey team, boasting plenty of reserves ready to step in to the game.

Margaret River played well, passing the ball skilfully to avoid losing possession.

At the first quarter the score was nil-all, but Robins managed to seize an opportunity in the second quarter to score, bringing the half time score to 1-0.

Robins kept the pressure on and scored another goal in the third quarter.

Margaret River, assisted by a few younger players from the 6-8 team had no time to relax, moving around the field to intercept passes.

A great effort at end of third quarter saw a goal opportunity for Margaret River, but the Robins defence was just too strong and the Margaret River side was just too exhausted.

A massive effort from the young Margaret River side in the face of such a strong team.

Final score Robins - 3 Margaret River - 0

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