Dunsborough musician SOL.Jaz releases new EP La Lune De Miel

Checkout SOL.Jaz's new album La Lune De Miel from online music platforms. Image supplied.

Checkout SOL.Jaz's new album La Lune De Miel from online music platforms. Image supplied.

Memories of a French romance ignited the inspiration for Dunsborough musician SOL.Jaz's new EP La Lune De Miel.

Jaz Campbell has been writing and recording music during four months of lockdown at her Dunsborough home were she was self isolating during COVID-19.

It was supposed to be Campbell's year to perform around the globe which she said was "thrown out the window and down the toilet" when the pandemic hit.

"I really had to recreate and innovate a different pathway forward in anticipation and hope that in 2022 life looks a little bit different and in WA we can perform, but we still do not know that," she said.

"This year I ended up putting together a new EP, La Lune De Miel.

"Honeymoon is the translation but moon of the honey is the translation in English.

"Essentially it is five songs with an intro and outro which are pieces of poetry, the three songs in the middle take you on a romantic journey.

"I had a lot of fun doing that because that romance was based on a romance in Paris."

Campbell said the time she spent on her own during lockdown gave her time to reflect on her past, life and love and all the things that really mattered during these times.

"I am pretty proud of it," she said.

"It is a really soulful EP.

"The Paris romance was a real experience and it was quite the love story.

"It was taking all those passions and desires and putting them into one journey where in some cases you see a person and you are completely in love with them there on the spot, but you do not know them.

"You do not know how you are going to get to know them but all you want to do is just love them.

"It is moving through the motions from going on a first date and walking around the streets of Paris where everything is so exciting and beautiful."

Campbell describes her new EP as easy listening and something which most people would enjoy.

"It is different for me because the songs very much showcases the vocals as opposed to the production, she said.

"That has been a nice change and a bit of a tweak this year for that sort of music, but next year I am still working on producing music because I am not performing at the moment.

"Hopefully by March next year I will have an album released which is so exciting."

It will be the first album Campbell has released which will feature a production sound and vocals. She has been working on the album with music producers Rob Shaker and James Newhouse.

"It is really fun and has been really collaborative," she said.

"Half the songs were written acoustically and the other half were produced by Rob, the collaboration process has been in the creation of the melody and vocal.

"We just go from there and put everything else into it like a violinist or pianist, getting different people in for different parts of the song.

"It is so much fun."

When touring was put on hold in 2020, Campbell let herself go through the motions of the journey continuing to follow her passion for music.

"Hopefully anything we choose to engage in which is our passion or a relationship with a thing or person we commit to the journey," she said.

"If we commit to the journey we commit to the ride and hopefully in that time we learn enough about ourselves to hold ourselves in a pretty steady spot during the ride.

"That's the thing that matters so by the time I get to my death bed I am in a pretty steady place so that no matter what comes to us we are in a strong enough place to be able to deal with it the best we can and not suffer too long.

"On the upside COVID-19 was a space and time to enable people to do that if they wanted.

"We don't ever get that time."

La Lune De Miel is available to download on all online music platforms.

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