Margaret River's Fair Harvest will be hosting a Forgotten Skills festival

Fair Harvest Permaculture is preparing to host their community 'Forgotten Skills' festival and are seeking input from anyone who would like to be involved.

This theme can cover a diverse range of skills from mending, fixing, growing, preserving, creating to storytelling and play.

Fair Harvest thought the festival would be perfect timing with COVID-19 restrictions forcing people to adapt their lifestyle from quick and convenient to become more self-sufficient, and community focused.

"We are so grateful that we can come together as community, to share wisdom, resources, skills and inspiration. These annual festivals are one of our favourite days of the year," event organiser Sharna Pinkney said.

This festival will be the final event for the Live Local Month as part of the Local is More campaign and will culminate with a sundowner of local music and lots of fun.

If you have any skills that you'd like to share through a workshop, class, demonstration or talk - they would love to hear from you. Contact Sharna at