Main Street mural sends important message

Main Street mural sends important message

A collaboration between some of the region's finest artists and a local business has seen the creation of an eye-catching new piece of street art in Margaret River.

Behind the brightly coloured design of the Wooditchup mural, located on an external wall of the Toastface Grillah/Burger Baby dining space, lies an important message.

Artists Ian Mutch, Jake Quodling and Stuart McMillan worked together to complete the mural.

"The message of NAIDOC week this year is 'Always Was, Always Will Be' and I felt like everything aligned at the right time to let us continue sharing that message," said Toastface Grillah's Alister Miles.

"It's a great position here on the main street, it's visible to everyone - or it will be once the construction fences come down - and it just sits well in the middle of the town making a positive statement," he said.

To Noongar people, the Margaret river is known as Wooditchup, named after the magic man, Wooditch, who created the river in the Nyitting or the Dreaming.

The new mural in town.

The new mural in town.

Margaret River is presumed to be named after Margaret Wyche, cousin of John Garrett Bussell.

Mr Miles said he wanted to make use of the blank wall but was hesitant to add artwork or signage that did not contribute to the idea of honouring the culture of country.

"This community is incredibly connected to the local Wadandi culture, it's taught in schools and people like the Webb family spend their time sharing their traditions.

"We really just wanted to be part of adding to that whole sense of identity within the business centre of town."