Calls to drop the Bussell Highway speed limit

Calls to drop the Bussell Highway speed limit

Calls to drop the speed limit on the Bussell Highway while construction is underway to dual the carriageway has not been given support from Main Roads and WA Police.

Following two double fatalities, which occurred on the notorious stretch of road between Busselton and Capel in November, 2020, Vasse MLA Libby Mettam said she has received a number of calls and emails from residents appealing for something to be done.

Residents fear more fatalities will occur as traffic increases on the highway over the coming holiday period.

A Main Roads spokesperson said a temporary speed reduction was currently in place from the Capel Bypass to Hutton Road where works were underway on stage one of the duplication project.

"Main Roads will not be reducing the speed further south of this section," the spokesperson said.

WA Police South-West district superintendent Geoff Stewart said people needed to obey the posted speed limit particularly in the roadwork areas.

"It is pretty simple," he said.

"If you drive to the conditions, stay on your side of the road, wear a seat belt and make sure your attention is not being diverted, if we do all those things driving between two white lines is not that hard.

"People need to chill, take their time and drive safely to the conditions, it is not rocket science or complex.

"People need to make it not hard or dangerous by obeying the road rules.

"People think roads like the Bussell Highway and Indian Ocean Drive are death traps, roads do not get behind steering wheels, people do.

"Just be kind on the roads."

According to Main Roads, approximately 13,500 vehicles use the section of highway between the Capel Bypass and Hutton Road, everyday, 12.7 per cent of those movements are trucks.

Drivers can expect to see a great police presence on South West roads over the coming months, which Mr Stewart said had already commenced ahead of the Leavers event.

"We will always have increased activity on the highways to make sure people get to events, particularly around Leavers when there is an increase of novice drivers who have not been driving as long as the rest of us," he said.

"That will continue now all throughout summer you will see increased activity, it is not something new, in the South West we have the most increased volume of traffic anywhere in the state.

"Not only every weekend, but everyday we have the highest traffic volumes in the state in regional WA."

Main Roads will also be promoting road safety messages on portable signs along key South West routes including the Bussell Highway, ahead of the coming tourist season.

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