Birds of Tokyo to hit Dunsborough in their first big event since COVID-19

Birds of Tokyo bringing West Aussie weekend vibe to Dunsborough

Birds of Tokyo will be hitting the Dunsborough Playing Fields on January 2, 2021 in their first big event since the 2020 lockdown.

The band will be headlining Here Comes the Sun music festival in all star lineup including Crooked Colours, Drapht, Great Gable, Carla Geneve, Your Girl Pho and Get Down Club.

The festival is just in time for the release of Birds of Tokyo's new single Weekend, which will no doubt be a Western Australian favourite this summer.

Weekend was written and recorded during lockdown and comes from a Western Australian perspective, the video was shot in some of WA's most iconic places.

Birds of Tokyo Weekend

Keyboardist Glenn Sarangapany said their new single had made him so homesick he was moving back to WA.

"I am heading back in a week's time so whatever Kenny said in the lyrics really affected me," he said.

"I really love Busselton and the South West, Kenny spends quite a bit of time there, I am pitching pretty hard for my family to move to Busselton at the moment."

Festival goers will be in for a treat it is the first major event Birds of Tokyo will headline since the pandemic.

"We are beyond excited to be playing gigs again, and Dunsborough will be one of those shows where it will be hard to get us off stage once we start going," Sarangapany said.

"Everyone is really vibing to playing a set with a couple of new tracks we have not played before and playing everything we can from the back catalogue."

It has been a challenge for the band during the pandemic with members scattered around Australia living in different states.

"It was a nightmare we were trying to write music over Zoom, imagine a Zoom meeting with five people who all have opinions on music," Sarangapany said.

"We made the best out of a situation everyone was in and it was crazy exciting to see everyone in the same room last weekend."

Guitarist and Weekend producer Adam Spark said they liked to keep trying new things.

"It was great to have a crack at something so different", he said.

"After the year everyone's had I think we all felt like making music that's just kind of summery and lighthearted.

"Obviously we've been lucky to avoid most of the hardships that people elsewhere have suffered so I didn't want to make light of that but it feels like everyone around Australia has earned a weekend or two at the beach after this crazy year ... a COVID-19 safe weekend of course."

Drummer Adam Weston said they could not wait to get back to playing some gigs and they were really hungry for it.

Tickets to the events can be purchased online at

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