Narcotics support commencing in Margaret River

A new support group for people with a drug problem is commencing at the Margaret River Community Centre.

Photo: Mica Asato

Photo: Mica Asato

Narcotics Anonymous meetings are a gathering of recovering addicts, who meet regularly for the purpose of recovery from the disease of addiction, whether the addiction be with alcohol, prescription drugs, marijuana, amphetamines or other illegal drugs.

Healthdirect reports the most commonly used illegal drugs in Australia are cannabis, ecstasy, cocaine and meth/amphetamines, and people who use illegal drugs have much higher rates of mental illness than the rest of the population.

Having a mental illness can make someone more likely to abuse drugs to lessen their symptoms and make them feel better in the short term.

In other people, drug problems may trigger the first symptoms of mental illness.

People with a mental illness experience drug problems at a far higher rate than the general community.

"Alcoholic Anonymous groups meet twice a week throughout the year already here at the Community Centre and we welcome the establishment of the NA group" said Community Centre Manager Lydell Huntly.

Both groups use 12-step programs with ongoing group support coordinated by recovering addicts to help each other stay clean.

People who have recovered from addiction support and mentor others with addiction problems.

A spokesperson for NA Australia, said "We have found through our group experience that the therapeutic value of one addict helping another is without parallel."

The first meeting will be held on Sunday 17 January at 11am in the Small Meeting Room.

Enter off the front verandah of the main building at the Community Centre, facing Tunbridge St.

People experiencing addiction are welcome to attend, as well as those who have loved ones experiencing addiction.

NA is a nonprofit and non-religious organisation.

For more information visit or contact the Community Centre on 9757 3200.