Acorn TV brings us a riveting tale of vineyard wars and woes

What happens when you put two city slickers in a vineyard?

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For anyone who has ever dreamed of owning a vineyard and languishing on your marbled patio sipping your very own wine, Under the Vines is sure to captivate imaginations and excite those who love wine - and love.

From Acorn TV comes this enticing story of how two city clickers are forced to band together to save a ruined vineyard - each with their own agendas.

Acorn TV brings us yet another great story from their repertoire of series. Under the Vines is sure to grab the attention of those who enjoy a hearty storyline set in the gorgeous Central Otago wine region of New Zealand.

And with a top-notch cast and some brilliant acting there is no doubt Under The Vines is going to a winner.

Gregarious socialite, Daisy Munroe (Rebecca Gibney) leads a charmed life, generously funded by her estranged stepfather Stanley.

She parties like a twenty something, dabbles with careers she neither needs nor commits to, and dates at her mental - not biological - age level. With money behind her, Daisy has never had to work, worry, or indeed grow up. It's a wonderful life, right?

But lately, the cracks are beginning to show, and Daisy may just be teetering on the cusp of wondering whether it's time to mature... just a little. When Stanley dies suddenly, and with him the generous stipend, Daisy at least finds solace as "sole heir" to Stanley's estate. But there is a rude awakening to come. All that is left of Stanley's fortunes is a vineyard. In New Zealand.

Now, with no money and no discernible future, Daisy decides she has no choice but to cross the ditch to New Zealand. Daisy's plan is to take a brief holiday among the vines, while she finds a broker to sell the property to fund the lifestyle to which she has become very, very accustomed. A simple, foolproof outcome.

Almost. Enter into the picture - London-born barrister and lifelong moody bastard, Louis Oakley (Charles Edwards.

Louis has hit the wall; his neglected wife is sleeping with a college artist, his best friend and partner in his law firm has ripped off clients and headed to sunnier climes, and Louis has been disbarred in the process.

After a massive bender, he finds himself going viral when video of him running naked through Piccadilly Circus hits the web. Broken, hungover, and feeling every inch a fool, Louis is at rock bottom when he receives a call that his Uncle Stanley has carked it, leaving Louis as his only heir.

Or so he believes. Feeling the need to disappear for a few weeks to get his head together, and avoid the fallout of his foolish flash, Louis makes haste to "the land of the Hobbit" to sell the property in the hope of getting his life, and then his marriage, back on track.

Two "sole" heirs with a common desire. Take the money and run.

Sounds simple, but things are about to become much more complicated. Louis and Daisy may not dislike each other on sight, but it's not far off... which wouldn't be a problem except the winery is a dump, the eccentric inherited workers are not necessarily onside, and there is no way that anyone is going to pay what Daisy feels she needs to live on to buy the ramshackle business.

Under the Vines is a series with wine, a healthy dash of humour, and a whole lot of heart and is streaming exclusively on Acorn TV from December 6.

And so, Daisy digs her rather expensive heels in - no fortune, no sale. Perhaps this is just the thing she needs... a dream to tend. Which leaves Louis stuck, he can't sell if she won't. The only thing they can do is try to turn the winery around - then maybe, just maybe, they will each get what they want.

With Daisy's dream of making Oakley Winery a going concern without money, expertise, or a suitable wardrobe, and Louis' desire to drink any profits the vineyard makes, this little "experiment" is destined for disaster, even without the cultural differences between them and their newfound homeland.

But life, like God, moves in mysterious ways, and maybe what at first seems like a tree-change that will end in tears, might be the very thing that saves Daisy and Louis from themselves.

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