Fevour for foraged foods: a new dining experience 

On an autumn evening this past May, the curtain came up on a concept that is rapidly growing into the hottest niche dining trend.

Chef Paul Iskov and hospitality expert Bree Iskov – siblings – combined their passions to create Fervor – a gourmand's shangri-la, providing “experiences you can't get anywhere else.”  

The Fervor concept focuses on native, foraged foods – from dune spinach to bunya nuts, lilli pilli to wattleseed.  The rich nutrition and flavor of the wild plants is then complemented by locally grown and sourced ingredients, with a focus on supporting small and organic producers.

What makes the Fervor experience truly special is the care that goes into every single detail – a feat that can only be achieved with the jam-packed biographies both Iskov siblings bring to the table. They have traveled the world collecting techniques in their respective industries. Bree relinquished managing Margaret River's Watershed Restaurant to hone her skills stewardessing for Mega Yachts Worldwide.  Paul, on a mission to throw himself into the world's hardest kitchens, took a 2012 sabbatical from Amusé in Perth to collect ideas and inspiration at NOMA in Denmark, DOM in Sao Paulo, 11 Madison Park in New York, and COI in San Francisco.

The Iskov passion touches every part of the Fervor process.  The chef hand-harvests wild edibles from the beach and bush to ensure the very best for each plate.  The siblings conduct Indigenous cultural research to increase their already-vast knowledge about plants and food sources you can't find anywhere else in the world.  Bree hand-selects each venue, constantly scouting intimate, unique locations that will bring the experience full circle – from the beach or bush where the foraging started all the way back to the dining table.  Much of the preparation for the evening's courses is done right in front of guests.  Even the surfaces on which food is served are carefully selected to harmonize with every dish.

Calling the edible part of the Fervor experience “food” doesn't do it justice.  Chef Iskov and his team seem to have boundless creativity, utilizing ingredients in fascinating new ways and employing avant garde techniques to construct incredible flavor bombs.  Fervor will give you things you've never tasted, foods you've never seen, and mouthfeel you've never experienced.

The next two opportunities to indulge in the super-intimate fusion of gourmet sustainability are July 21 and 22 at the Injidup Amphitheater near Yallingup.  Seven courses with matched drinks will be served in a secluded venue at the end of a quiet gravel road. Guests will see the sun sink into the sea from a patio overlooking an isolated surf spot.  Then attendees will luxuriate in an evening of unparalleled cuisine, some of which will be prepared over an open fire in breathtaking dining quarters.  The fluid menu is well stocked, designed to ensure the freshest possible ingredients. 

Tickets are $120 per seat – stunning value for an inimitable evening – and selling quickly. Sunday's experience begins at 5:30pm, and Monday's begins at 6pm.

Most dietary requirements can be accommodated.  

Bookings can be made by emailing fervorfood@gmail.com, contacting @FervorFood on Twitter, or by visiting their Facebook page.  Guests wishing to stay overnight at the venue may enquire when booking.