Bushfire compliance in Augusta-Margaret River area

AS of September 1 all new residences and tourist accommodation built in the Augusta-Margaret River Shire will have to comply with the Australian Standard for Building in Bush Fire Prone Areas.

The new regulations aim to reduce the impact of future bushfire attacks by stipulating building design and material standards.

Augusta-Margaret River Shire President Ray Colyer said council made the decision to designate the shire as ‘Bush Fire Prone’ as a means of better protecting property and life.

“The requirements set within the Standard are easily achievable in the vast majority of cases,” he said. “Also, where the fire risk for individual properties is classified as ‘Low’ there will be no requirement to construct to a higher standard. The fire risk and hazard levels will be determined as part of the building license process.”

Further information is available at www.amrshire.wa.gov.au. For specific enquiries contact John Gosper on 9780 5242 or at jgosper@amrshire.wa.gov.au. The zoning is not expected to impact on insurance premiums.