2017 SWFL | Spills and thrills for the Augusta Margaret River Hawks

It was spills and thrills for the Augusta Margaret River Hawks in their round five clash with Carey Park.

Heavy rain through most of Sunday’s game made conditions tough but it did not deter either team from playing their hearts-out.

Carey Park was desperate for a win and they were not going to let the Hawks have an easy victory.

The Hawks took an early lead in the first quarter after a failed attempt saw them earn a point. Carey Park got the ball in their forward 50 only to miss two attempts.

The Hawks defence in the first quarter was too strong for Carey Park only giving them a few attempts at goal, at the end of the first quarter the Hawks led with 2.3 (15) to Carey Park’s 0.2 (2).

Carey Park came back on the field determined after the first quarter break and while they dominated the start of the second quarter they still could not convert a goal.

The Hawks struggled to get the ball back inside their forward 50 and somehow managed to score the first goal in the second quarter with Mitch Gerrans belting the ball through the posts taking the score to 3.3 (21) to 0.2 (2).

It was starting to look like a wipeout for Carey Park even though they were dominating the ball, but the players did not give up and were rewarded with their first goal taking them to 1.2 (8).

The Hawks responded by going for another goal but missed and their second attempt inside their forward 50 was marked by Carey Park.

Jacob Oakes was given a free kick by the umpires after he was pushed in the back taking him 30 metres out but missed the goal and was marked by Carey Park’s Sam Browne.

Aiden deCampo drove the ball to Carey Park’s forward 50 leading them to their second goal of the game 2.2 (14).

Carey Park were now just seven points from the Hawks with only minutes to go until half time and continued to show strength by driving the ball straight back to their forward 50.

Desperate for a win, Carey Park continued to show strength at the start of the third quarter and were able to keep the ball in their forward 50.

An early attempt at goal was missed only to be successful minutes later scoring their third goal for the game bringing the teams into a point of each other.

A free kick was given to Carey Park’s Conor Bastow 30 metres out from the goal posts, the kick was successful taking Carey Park to the lead for the first time during the game with 4.2 (26) points to the Hawk’s 3.3 (21).

Augusta Margaret River remained scoreless since the start of the second quarter showing just how determined the team from Carey Park was for a win. While the Hawks fought back they could not get the ball out of Carey Park’s forward 50 and when they did, it returned quickly.

However, the Hawks did not give up and kicked their fourth goal in the third quarter taking them back to the lead with 4.3 (27) points and only one point ahead of Carey Park. So determined were Carey Park they kicked a goal late in the third to steal the lead for the second time in the game taking them to 5.2 (32).

At the start of the fourth quarter Jacob Oakes responded by taking a mark right in front of the goal posts to take the Hawks in front once again with 33 points 5.3 (33). Both teams had five goals and it was quickly turning into a point-for-point match.

A free was given to Jacob Oakes inside the Hawks forward 50 which was disputed and allowed by the umpires taking them to a seven point lead 6.3 (39). Carey Park were desperate to score but missed an opportunity.

The Hawks struck back getting the ball in front of the posts to kick another lucky goal taking the lead 7.3 (45). Mitch Payne missed an opportunity 25 metres out from the goal posts earning the home team another point.

The teams could not get another one in finishing 7.5 (47) to 5.3 (33). The Hawks take on Collie in round six.


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