Basford & Lovelady take Australia Day honours

Tuesday Veterans 9-hole competition saw Ian Colmer in first place with 19 c/b points, Jonathan Beales in second place (19 points) and Peter Brennan in third on 18 c/b points. 

Wednesday’s women’s 18 hole stableford had Kerry Farrelly in first place on 41 points, Kim Robson in second on 36 c/b points and close behind in third was Ricky Coates, also on 36 c/b points. 

Thursday Men’s Scroungers 18-hole Stableford event was sponsored by Prideaus (Dave Noske) was a warm day for golfing. We had first, second and third placed golfers all coming in with 38 c/b points – Joe Italiano (Augusta), Michael Kelly and Craig Abbs taking the top three spots. 

Friday’s mixed 9 hole stableford saw First Man to Peter Brennan on 22 points, First Woman to Diane Yates on 21 points and Overall Third was Mary Taylor on 19 c/b points. 

Saturday’s Men’s first round of Monthly Mugs stoke event sponsored by Leeuwin Estate had Bernard Shaw in first with 69 points, Geoff Barrett in second on 71 points and Jim Watson in third on 72 c/b points. 

Sunday’s mixed stableford was sponsored by Dave and Lyn Glasson, and had Leonie Bell in first on 36 c/b points, Bruce Darby second on 36 points and Helen Priest third on 35 c/b points. 

Last week’s results:

Tuesday Veterans 9-hole competition – First was Ray Atcheson on 20 points, Jim Taylor second on 19 c/b points and Ian Colmer in third on 19 points. 

The Women’s event was cancelled due to the weather. The Thursday Scroungers 18-hole Stroke event sponsored by Brian Seed & Fishbone Wines saw Viv Booker in first on 67 c/b points, Bruce Stewart in second on 67 points and Mark Bonnette in third on 69 c/b points. The Saturday Australia Day 2B Mixed Ambrose Event was sponsored by Laurie and Patsy Bedford and boasted a full field for the day. First place went to Rosemary Basford and Colin Lovelady on 63 c/b points, while second place went to Rhys Owen and David Goyder on 63 points. Third place was taken by Helen Priest and Jeff Hedstrom on 64 points.